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Are You a Real Biker?

Easy Rider

You look for every opportunity to ride. You take the time in the wind to think. Think about life, your job, your family, crazy schemes and where the next gas is. The ride is not about how fast you went, or how far you rode. It is about the ride itself and you don't need to go fast or far to find happiness. Happiness is two wheels and a motor.

Hardcore Biker

You don't need someone telling you what to wear or how to ride. You get out there and make your own path. Riding is a way of life and other brothers in the wind can always count on you to help them out. It is not about the destination for you, it is about the ride, although girls and beer at the destination always make it better.


You are still getting the hang of riding and it takes time. You can't expect to be the best if you don't put some miles on your bike so get out there and ride.

Peg Monkey

You live to ride. If you are not scraping pegs or bouncing of the limiter you are bored. You wear the gear 'cuz you know what it is like to ride asphalt. Keep an eye on your six, because if the law ain't chasing you down, your buddies would like to catch up.


You work your 9-5 all week and on the weekend feel like getting out in the wind. You put a few miles on your bike, but get tired of the constant buffeting on a long trip. You have all the gear, just in case you highside somewhere in the two miles between your house and Starbucks, throttle blipping the whole time.

Road Captain

You live in the wind. You could be at home watching far off destinations on TV but you prefer to discover your own. You cross state lines like most people cross the street. When stuff happens people look to you for answers. You are a wiz with duct tape and bailing wire. Riding is not just a diversion but a way of life.

Saddle Sore Biker

You don't care what the destination is; it's all about the ride. You choose a direction and go. A numb butt comes with the territory, but so does terrific scenery, time to think, and lonely roadside diners in towns past their prime.


Your skills are the best and your bike is the fastest, if only in your own head. You are usually riding with minimal protection and have a hard time staying under the speed limit. Stoppies and wheelies are measures of a good ride. Have fun while it lasts, cuz if the law doesn't get you the asphalt will.

Trailer Queen

Trailer queens don't ride their scooters. They just drag them around on a trailer and unload them like they rode there. They enjoy talking about bikes but don't like actually riding their bikes. The image is more important than the ride. If you don't like riding, give your bike to someone who will actually use it!
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