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Are you a real biker?

Take our 6 question quiz to test your biker choices and behaviour. Once you finish, you will get a badge that you can display on your blog, website, or profile. Are you a peg monkey or poser?
  1. Your idea of a nice ride is...
    ...a trip to the local coffee shop.
    ...a 300 mile day through the canyons.
    ...a 3000 mile week through several states.
  2. What do you wear when you ride?
    All the gear, all the time. Fully protected.
    Some of the gear, most of the time.
    I don't crash so I don't need gear.
  3. Which parts of your new bike will need replacing first?
    Oil and Filter
    Fairings and/or brake lever
  4. If you had a pile of cash lying around, you would...
    ...install nitrous oxide. full leathers or a helmet.
    ...install a GPS on your handlebars.
  5. Your idea of security is...
    ...chaining your scooter to a pole. 110db alarm.
    ...a ground floor motel room with a wide door.
  6. Do you ride in the rain?
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