I am a web designer and wanted to bring my hobbies together. So I created Whybike.com. I have been riding since I graduated from college in 1999, and ride almost every day. If I could afford it I would have a commuter bike, a long range tourer, a boulevard cruiser and a sport bike. Since I do not have that kind of cash I comprimise. I have a Yamaha V-Star and a Kawasaki ZR-7S. You can read about some of my more interesting rides in the motorcycle blog and see some of those in the videos section.

I created this site out of frustration with the motorcycle sites out there. The forums where SPAM posts more than the users. The rants of elitists that care more about what you ride than how you ride. Sites where you have to pay to read a halfway decent article or links that have been dead for years left me unsatisfied.

I donít claim to be the best rider in the world or know all there is to know about motorcycles, but through your help commenting on blog posts, submitting articles, shooting videos and sending us your trip reports we can try to document why we bike, while helping out those just getting into motorcycling.

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