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I am busy recording, editing and compressing them right now! Here is what I have so far, if you want me to include your video, send us an email describing it and I will try to put it up.

! If you only can hear sound but get no video and get the "Error downloading codec" message, download the codec directly from DivX.


Splitting Lanes 101
A short video pointing out the dangers of splitting lanes. It accompanies the article "Tips for Splitting Lanes".
Time: 0:57 | Size: 5.37 MB | Format: .avi
Submitted by:
Map: San Francisco, CA


Highway 1 from Stinson Beach to San Francisco
Surfers, bikes, the sea breeze and 200 foot cliffs mix with a beautiful day to make for a great ride. You will notice that I stay close to the yellow line the whole video.
Time: 4:40 | Size: 23.2 MB | Format: .wmv
Submitted by:
Map: Highway 1, Marin, CA
Mount Tamalpias - Panoramic to the summit
A ride up to the summit of Mount Tamalpias from Panoramic Highway. Read my post about it.
Time: 4:50 | Size: 24.0 MB | Format: .wmv
Submitted by:
Map: Mount Tamalpias, Mill Valley CA
Pinehurst Road - Part 1
A good twisty road through the Oakland Hills and redwood forest just 20 minutes from downtown San Francisco. Hairpin turns, gravel, and bicyclists abound.
Time: 5:09 | Size: 25.6 MB | Format: .awmv
Submitted by:
Map: Pinehurst Road, Oakland CA
Pinehurst Road - Part 2
Part 2 climbs out of the redwood forest to Skyline Road. I caught up to some riders on the way up.
I know the guy in front of me is a bad rider, but I don't know him, so I can't send him your hate mail. Please stop sending it to me.

Time: 4:34 | Size: 22.7 MB | Format: .wmv
Submitted by:
Map: Pinehurst Road, Oakland CA
Tail of the Dragon
Crossing Deals Gap at the Tennessee/North Carolina state line, the Dragon is considered by many as one of the world's best motorcycling roads.
Time: 4:37 | Size: 83.5 MB | Format: .wmv
Submitted by: Gizmo and Bonedaddy
Map: US-129 Cherohala Skyway, NC/TN
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