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  1. Windy Riding to Sprucewood
    From Redleg's Rides We had us a sunny but "brisk" Sunday today here in Colorado, still, there was riding to be done.  It would be Jay's second ride on his "new to him" F650GS motorcycle so John (Spat) and I rode along with our two-wheeled steeds.  I've ridden with them many times before, but always on our Urals....it was definitely a faster paced ride.John was on his R1150GS and I was on Brigitta, my '87 R80 Airhead Beemer.  I failed to notice at the start, but Brigitta would go over 90,000 miles during

  2. How to Make a Vespa Scooter
    From Scooter in the Sticks I saw this video on the making of a Vespa referenced on the Modern Vespa site. It looks so easy. Maybe I'll make one myself tonight.All content, text and images, copyright 2010 by Steve Williams. All Rights Reserved.

  3. Uraling to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
    From Redleg's Rides On the eve of our nation's birthday, I set out at 8:00 AM from my home with a vague plan to ride out to Gunnison, CO and from there see the sights of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.  Not much preparation on my part, I'd not even decided until I woke to do the ride!Note: This posting is also located on examiner.com. So what's the difference? I get paid per # of hits on that site, so if you feel like

  4. Uraling on Mammoth Gulch Road, after first trying Rollins Pass Road
    From Redleg's Rides Today four of five rigs of the Denver Area Uralisti (DAU) met at John's house for a quick breakfast  and coffee and then ride forth to try and see how far we could go up Rollins Pass Road before being either stopped by the collapsed tunnel near the top or snow which was rumored still blocking the road in the shady areas.Note: This posting is also located on examiner.com. So what's the difference? I get paid per # of hits on that site, so if you

  5. Number 7
    From Cruising Down Under Barry Sheene passed away on Monday 10 March 2003, aged 52. He was a great bloke and a champion rider, winning the 1976/1977 500cc world championship wearing his cherished number 7. In 1987 he swapped his native England for Oz and went on to become a highly respected motor racing commentator on Australian television.With it being 7 years since his passing I thought it appropriate that I post a couple of videos in his memory - and if you are in Sydney, don?t forget to check out the Barry Sheene

  6. Smokin'
    From Sideblog

  7. Dakar 2010 is nearly here!
    From Motocast Dakar 2010 is nearly here, and with the changes to the rulebook, we look forward to what could be the most wide-open competition in recent memory.  How that all plays out, of course, remains to be seen.   Here is an excellent interview with Cyril Despres and Marc Coma with commentary on the restrictor for the bikes larger than 450cc's, as well as their thoughts on racing in South America.  Video posted by KTM.  

  8. Cooking With Gas(oline)
    From Tread Life How to make a Smartuki: Add one GSX-R1000 engine to one Smart Car. Stir until ingredients are blended. Bake at 12,000 rpm until tires are smoking hot. Serves one or two.More recipes here.

  9. Motorcycle That Builds Itself
    From Tread Life Cool, but what we really need is a bike that makes its own payments.

  10. It's Not What You Ride But How You Ride It (no.12)
    From Sideblog

  11. Live To Ride, Ride To Work
    From Tread Life This is what happens when your company doesn't have motorcycle parking.

  12. And You Thought Racing Was Hard
    From Tread Life

  13. Riding the Cache La Poudre Byway
    From Redleg's Rides Today, I woke up in Walden, CO where I had overnighted enroute back to Denver and home from Silverthorne.It was a brisk 42 degrees outside at 7AM when I initially headed out after a restless night of sleep. I was glad to be on the road in spite of the cold though. Trouble is, about 15 miles out from Walden, I realized the morning sun's light angles would play hell with trying to get a decent picture or two of the Medicine Bow Mountain range.So, I turned back

  14. Mugen Power
    From Sideblog From Carby at Deus Ex Machina. Cheers!You boys ever heard of the Honda MFT250? Neither had I until Taka and myself went to visit AAA in outer Tokes last year.He has 6 of them salted away, 2 brand new!Amazing guy, one of the SR Godfathers (there are 7 of them)He wanted 5k each for the new ones , should have snapped one up as the Yen was weak at the time. I had commited to the Bratstyle so I'd spent my pocket money....I guess they are museum objects anyhoo.Nutty! Mugen

  15. Look Ma, no hands!
    From On Two Wheels This is hilarious. Stupid, but hilarious. This rider (in India?) is in heavy traffic, laid back, texting on his phone. Almost as good are the comments of the guys in the car taking the video, and the behaviour of other drivers changing lanes with all of 6 inches to spare. That alone would ensure I?d have an iron grip on those bars and my knees would be pressing dents into the sides of the tank. But not this guy. Requisite disclaimer: Do not try this at home,

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