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  1. Husqvarna Teams Up With BMW Off Road Skills Training
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Since BMW have purchased Husqvarna some time ago, it only makes sense that you can ride a Husqvarna motorcycle at BMW's excellent off road training course. It's your chance to train on a Husqvarna motorcycle in a tough but very good off road training, without banging up your bike. But you'll need to go to Wales for that... ...

  2. Dakar 2011: Simon Pavey Caves In And Rides Again
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Despite having sworn never to race the Dakar rally on his motorcycle again a few years back, BMW Off-Road Head Training Instructor and off road trainer to the stars, Simon "Si" Pavey, has been lured into racing again. Next month sees him racing under the number 51, his BMW motorcycle for the 8th time in the Dakar! Good luck Si! ...

  3. Ride With Charlie Boorman Through South Africa
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Here's your chance to run shoulders with the famous. Charlie Boorman will be leading a group of 22 motorcycles from Cape Town, South Africa to Victoria Falls, Zambia on the 15th of August 2010. Luxury accommodation, sweeper cars, great food and the organizers are throwing in a 2 day training at BMW off road training school in Wales, UK. Sounds like fun... ...

  4. Tassie Touring Suggestions
    From Cruising Down Under It's been a very long time since I toured Tassie but the memories are all good ones. The trip over there was just as much fun as the island was. I went to a big rally there and met lots of people so I suggest you check out what rallies are on. Be aware that the Hog Club have their rally on 6-8 November, so it will be busy down there at that time.I had 6 weeks touring around, so I guess if you only have a

  5. Gravel Grooving
    From Argentina to Alaska Our first day was spent riding around the peninsula on the gravel trail where I was out front in the lead, up on the pegs showing the fellows a bit of my bmw off road training course abilities.

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