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  1. Motorcycle Taxis Hit Madrid, Spain
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Madrid in Spain now has joined the European cities where you can get to your destination faster than with any other transportation. They now have two motorcycle taxi companies operating in the capital city. One with Honda Gold Wing 1800, the other with BMW R1200RT motorcycles. ...

  2. BMW Updates Their R1200RT Motorcycle For 2010
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane BMW announced the updates for 2010 for their R1200RT motorcycle. Apart from one or two new things, nothing that's earth shattering. See for yourself. ...

  3. A taste of a Moto Referee's Work
    From Redleg's Rides This evening, I attended a clinic of sorts for motorcyclists who wished to get a feel for what the duties of a moto referee are within the context of a bicycle race.This is a follow-up to an article I recently published under my byline on examiner.com where I published an information article provided by Andrew Rosen, a moto referee and trainer of same for the ACA or American Cycle Association. LINKAs I mention in the examiner article, my interest was sparked by the motorcycles I saw riding along the

  4. Ten Motorcycle Tour Models Reviewed
    From Ride White Lines - Stories from the Road I've used articles by Alan Liptrot before, here's another that I think is worth the read. Ride Safe!Ten Motorcycle Tourers by Alan LiptrotSelecting a Tourer is a very personal thing, and I?m not saying that these ten machines are the best. Some may not be still in production, but they are all available, albeit second hand. HONDA GOLDWING GL1800The only bit of kit that Honda?s Flagship is missing is an ashtray, and they?re probably working on that at the moment. This bike has been around a long time in

  5. The Times, They Are 'A Changing.
    From Lucky's Hideaway Went on about Honda's new DN-01 a few months ago, and I noticed that they finally put up the price for it: $17,499CAD. They've also got it listed as a touring bike, yet it doesn't have any luggage. Destined for failure? Maybe so. But I still admire Honda for at least having the vision to try something different. But they've been different for some time now... Anybody remember the Rune? How about the Pacific Coast? Both were interesting concepts that were put into production, but never really achieved any significant

  6. Which one should I buy?
    From Motorcycle Diaries Lately, I've been thinking about adding another steed to my stable, maybe later this year. I love my cruiser but I have been yearning for a bike that has the handling and horsepower of a high performance sports bike and is also comfortable for long distance touring. So I've been looking at these sport-touring bikes as potential candidates for my next bike. The pictures below are of the 07 models but I would probably get a used one. Which one would you buy?!Honda ST 1300 Yamaha FJR 1300AKawasaki Concours 14BMW

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