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  1. Graham's Z750
    From Sideblog Another one I meant to post ages ago. Graham was building this at the same time as the Wrench Monkees were on with their big-bore Z750...Just thought I'd update you on project,I'm building a race tailpiece out of stainless,similar to the old Norton Cafe racers,but a bit more angular,using that rear curved frame section as the template.Tank now been modified,and exhaust been mocked up,as have the foot controls.Starting to kick ass & take names!see ya. Graham.

  2. Cafe Racers of the week: Wild 7.
    From Cafe (Racer) Society Antihero Hiba on his 750 HondaFrom Atomic avenue:"Even readers not familiar with manga or anime will immediately notice the retro artwork in Mikiya Mochizuki?s Wild 7?and for good reason. This multi-volume series of collected reprints has material dating back to 1969 (although there?s no word of it on the front or back covers). Instead, it is presented as a modern graphic novel; only a peek at the copyright date reveals its origins, at least in the first book. Released during the biker craze of the late 60s?most likely after the

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