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  1. Buell is Back At It
    From The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour Personally, I knew Buell would be back. You probably did too. Face it, a guy who can do what he did with HD weighing him down isn't going to be stopped by a little thing like the loss of a supplier and dealer chain.Erik Buell Racing has unveiled the 1190RS, and if I had roughly $40,000, I'd totally buy one. But I don't, so I'm just going to wait until they're mass-producing again.Here is Motorcyclist magazine's write-up about it.Yum.One question for modern sportbike designers, though: What's the deal with the

  2. No Future Motorcycles Will Carry the Buell Name
    From The Kneeslider Original article from: TheKneeslider.com - Original article from: TheKneeslider.com - The January 2011 issue of Motorcyclist magazine is just out and has a very informative interview with Erik Buell where Erik talks about some of the developments during and after the time Buell was shutdown. One point I thought was interesting was that Harley Davidson licensed the Buell name and [...]

  3. Ever notice there's no advertising on the Superbike Blog? The Motorcyclist Magazine debacle exemplifies exactly why
    From The Superbike Blog Since its inception in mid-2004, I have consistently refused and resisted opportunities to monetize the Superbike Blog. Why? Because this blog is simply a place where I, like a zillion other knuckleheads on the Internet, spew my various opinions and revelations about my own personal interests. Sometimes I spread my loves and adorations, sometimes I rant and rail against things I disagree with. Some months I post like mad. Other months I completely neglect this blog and do other things. The point is, I'm free to do mostly whatever I

  4. The PACE - A must read!
    From Moto Adrenaline This has been around for a lifetime, but it sure is a great read for anyone who rides a motorcycle. Great Stuff! The PaceBy Nick Ienatsch"The Pace", first appearing in the November 1991 issue of Motorcyclist magazineRacing involves speed, concentration and commitment; the results of a mistake are usually catastrophic because there's little room for error riding at 100 percent. Performance street riding is less intense and further from the absolute limit, but because circumstances are less controlled, mistakes and over aggressiveness can be equally catastrophic. Plenty of roadracers

  5. The all-electric motorcycle: Don't count on it
    From The Superbike Blog At least not for now.As is my usual modus, allow me to preface a somewhat critical piece with a bit of balance: I have nothing against the concept of an all-electric motorcycle. Truth be told, I actually think it's a pretty great idea. In fact, I've often said that the day some very bright engineering and design team releases onto the market a 150-mile per hour, 6,000-dollar, all-electric motorcycle with a 200 mile range and a 10 minute recharge cycle, I'll be the first in line to buy. I mean

  6. My first magazine contribution!
    From Motorcycle Diaries Any AMA members out there? If you have received the September 2007 issue of the American Motorcyclist magazine, turn to page 43 and check out the top right-hand corner. Yep, that’s my contribution! Last year I had sent in the description of a motorcycle accident I had a long time ago in India, for the monthly column Crash [...]

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