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  1. Alpinestars Roam Waterproof Boots Review
    From WebBikeWorld Inexpensive and true waterproof motorcycle boots.

  2. Alpinestars CR-4 Gore-Tex XCR Boots Review
    From WebBikeWorld Excellent quality motorcycle boots that are comfortable both on and off the bike.

  3. Where you headed?
    From Sojourn Chronicles Sojourn Poetry Perhaps it was my motorcycle boots, rain pants and fleece jacketthat gave me away, while everyone else was wearing shorts and t-shirts. The young man approached me and asked,?Is that your V-Strom out there? Nice bike.? ?Yes. It?s mine. Do you ride? ?Yes, a Suzuki DR 350.Where you headed? Where are you from?? [...]

  4. France: Motorcycle Cops No Longer Unsafe
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Finally, after many years dressed in the most unsafe motorcycle clothing you can expect, the French motorcycle Gendarmes are going to ride ATGATT, proper ATGATT. Apart from the already announced Schuberth C3 helmet, they'll now have airbag jackets, proper pants and real motorcycle boots. All uniforms will have reflective and high-viz stripes on them. ...

  5. Patent: Ventilated Motorcycle Boots
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Rest assured. You can now all sleep better, knowing that a patent has been filed for Ventilated Motorcycle Boots. It's coming.... just hope for no rain when you ride your motorcycle with them... ...

  6. After three years and 63K+ miles, I need new motorcycle boots
    From Redleg's Rides Back in September 19, 2007, I'd taken receipt of some Oxtar riding boots, my first "real" motorcycle boots.picture source newenough.comSo, three years and roughly a bit over 63,000 miles later of riding in all kinds of weather, it's time for new boots.The Oxtar boots did well by me, keeping my feet dry and somewhat warm even in the coldest riding conditions. They did OK in terms of walking boots for when I had to do lots of walking around the airport during my time contracting for United Airlines.  However, for

  7. Sidi Fusion Boots Review
    From WebBikeWorld New street and sport motorcycle boots with many protective features at a pretty decent price.

  8. Sidi Jasmine Rain Boots Review
    From WebBikeWorld Women's waterproof all-around motorcycle boots look good and perform.

  9. Saint Mary's Glacier and CO 103 Vistas
    From Redleg's Rides Another beautiful day for riding here in Colorado. Temperatures would climb into the low 80s down in the Front Range but I would be riding most of the day in the high 50s and low 60s. My destination was the small town of Saint Mary who's claim to fame is the Saint Mary Glacier apparently.I'd seen the sign for Fall River Road and St. Marys many times while transiting I-70 westbound to Loveland Pass and points beyond. The exit is located just west of the last exit

  10. Bryce Canyon N.P. - Navajo Loop Trail
    From Excessivelocity I wasn?t planning on doing any major hiking at the park today. The idea was to get up early tomorrow and go for a nice hike then. By the time we arrived at Sunset Point it was already way past 6PM. We parked the motorcycles and went to the overlook to check out the scenery and take some pictures. Sunset Point is where one can see the largest concentration of hoodoos, the tall totem pole shaped rocks that this park is so famous for.A view from Sunset PointThe Navajo Loop

  11. Utah?s Highway 12 Scenic Byway
    From Excessivelocity Highway 12, also known as A Journey Through Time Scenic Byway, is 124 miles long and tops out at 9,200 feet in elevation over Boulder Mountain in the Dixie National Forest. It passes by Bryce Canyon National Park, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Capitol Reef National Park. Highway 12 twisting through the canyonsHighway 12 climbing over the Hogsback, a narrow ridge, this section of road is steep with tight curves Dalton riding the top of the HogsbackHighway 12 east of Bryce Canyon Highway 12 passes through alpine forests and colorful

  12. Ride & Hike: Old Flowers Road to Flowers Trail
    From Excessivelocity It was a chilly night, I forgot to bring my altimeter which has a thermometer so I don?t know how low the temp dropped over night, but there was frost on the picnic table in the morning, so the overnight temps did get below freezing.Al getting the "bear proofed" food out of the treeBreakfast: a Red Bull and a swooshed banana nut muffinThis whole ride was an experiment since I?ve never done an overnight camping trip on the XT before that didn't involve towing the bike. Today was the second

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