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  1. Amanda Hutt artwork
    From Sideblog Back in the early 1990s I was working on Motor Cycle News in England. The editor, (the now late) Peter Bolt, was generous enough to give me a weekly column (no, not a morally questionable disciplinary session in his office, but a full page for me to ruin). The best part of the whole deal was being able to commission a young artist called Amanda Hutt to illustrate my words. Given that I rarely thought about what I?d write about till the pressure of deadlines forced me to, it was

  2. What is it that makes hot 20-45 y/o women go for the Fat, Balding, bearded Guys with ponytail and a Harley?
    From Custom Motorcycle Talk by BeachCruiser The girls seem to throw themselves at these guys. I see it at lots of Motor cycle Rallies like Laughlin River Run, Sturgis and others all the time. This pot bellied older guy has a hottie clinging onto him.

  3. Here is a joke-at least 10 rspns xpctd encouraging further posting, ladies frgv me, all clear?
    From Custom Motorcycle Talk by BeachCruiser Arthur Davidson of the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Corporation,dies and goes to heaven. At the gate an angel tells Davidson, "Well U’ve been such a good guy and ur motor cycles have changed the world. As a reward, U can hang out with anyone U want to in Heaven." he thinks a while & says, "I wanna [...]

  4. JAP speedway engine
    From Sideblog As seen in many a bike on this very blog, the mighty 498cc two-valve OHV motor developed by JA Prestwich of Tottenham, North London, specifically with speedway racing in mind. It was long-serving engineer Stan Greening who created the motor, working closely with top Stamford Bridge (London) speedway riders, Bill Bragg and Wal Phillips, during 1929/30. The motor, influenced in its finer details by the then leading four-valve Rudge, went on to dominate the sport right into the 1960s.This gorgeous drawing is probably by John Ferguson, who did a stack

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