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  1. Raven MotoCycles ? Hand Built Specials with Moto Guzzi Power
    From The Kneeslider Original article from: TheKneeslider.com - Raven MotoCycles is building brand new specials with very vintage looks. Power comes from Moto Guzzi engines and the bikes are each built on demand. A great application for the Moto Guzzi power plant!

  2. motorcycle for beginner used and cheap?
    From Custom Motorcycle Talk by BeachCruiser ok, i am liking the gas mileage on motocycles. i like the crotch rocket look. but i would rather start out with something slow and stable. but with the same bodystyle. i will have about 1000 dollars to spnd, i wanna get something some one has probly dropped a few times, but it still runs [...]

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