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  1. Guanella Pass in mid-November
    From Redleg's Rides The Denver Metro area got its first big snow storm of the season about two weeks ago, and had enjoyed pretty dry and clear weather since.  Yesterday, fellow Uralistas Jay and Deana in their Ural Patrol, GS Rig rider Greg P aka Cesspool, Mike H (fellow airhead rider) and I decided to see how far we could get up to on Guanella Pass.The road up to Guanella Pass is the scene of a yearly event in February called the Elephant Ride.  It's held after the winter snows have thoroughly blanketed

  2. Riding to Alaska
    From Scooter in the Sticks PICTURE COURTESY MOTOQUESTAdmit it -- you dream of riding to Alaska. The isolation, solitude and wilderness haunt your dreams. One hundred miles of gravel after lunch just means dinner will taste all the better. Even if it comes from a can cooked over a small fire along the road.You can sample a taste of this life on Wednesday evening, April 6, at 7pm in the Outreach Building at Penn State. Kissell Motorsports in conjunction with coolBLUE has brought Brenden Anders from MotoQuest to town to give

  3. Motorcycles as Experienced by a Vespa Rider
    From Scooter in the Sticks Thanks to a wonderful opportunity extended by Craig Kissell of Kissell Motorsports I've been able to share my experiences riding the latest BMW, Triumph, Ducati, Vespa and Piaggio motorcycles and scooters from the perspective of a committed scooter rider. If you're currently riding a scooter or small motorcycle and plan to move up to something bigger maybe these will help.The BMW R1200 RT: Riding a Big BikeThe BMW F650 GS: A Crisis of ConfidenceTaking Home a BMW F650 GSThe Prowl: Experiences with the Triumph TigerTriumph Thunderbird ConversionJunior and the

  4. My Other Life
    From Scooter in the Sticks When not riding my Vespa or some cool new motorcycle (which seems to be most of the time) I spend my time as editor of Penn State Ag Science Magazine. We've just completed a redesign and the new magazine is in the mail. And I'll reveal a little secret here. While reviewing pictures made by a photographer in South Africa for an upcoming article I saw a picture of the story subject riding his Kawasaki KLR down a dirt road. You know I am going to

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