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  1. Home Made Frame Brace for the Suzuki DR-Z400S
    From WebBikeWorld Support your local frame! Also works on the Kawasaki KLX250S and KLX300 off-road or dual-sport bikes.

  2. A love-hate relationship
    From On Two Wheels Most of us have a special kind of relationship with our motorcycles. Usually we love them (Why else would I have bought it in the first place?), sometimes we hate them (My ass hurts after 10 minutes in the saddle!) and it varies by day or even hour. I got to thinking about that third option, that love-hate kind of relationship, as I was reading about Dom?s over at Redleg?s Rides trials and tribulations with Valencia on his Alaska trip. As much as he loves his rig I?m sure

  3. Forty years of the Z bike
    From The Superbike Blog In this day and age, the word "classic" tends to get thrown around way too much in our various and sundry descriptions of modern popular culture. Much the same as equally misused and superfluously uttered terms such as "awesome", "genius", "amazing", and "unique", the word "classic" no longer strikes the imagination with any significant impact or meaning when heard or read by the average person. Like the rest of the overused descriptors in our modern, dumbed down lexicon, it has become little more than a kind of happy linguistic

  4. The Next Generation: Day One
    From Christine's Corner The time has been approaching--that my son, Alex, has wanted to get a bit more involved in riding. The past few years he been happy riding on the back of my Harley (yes, he thinks it is cool that mom can pick him up from school on the bike), but recently he has been asking questions on the process of riding. I think part of it has been due to the fact that we now have a mini-bike in the house. The bike, a Kawasaki KLX110, is a three-speed with an

  5. Wrenchmonkees
    From Sideblog Locals Only Copenhagen from LEVI'SŪ on Vimeo.This has been on a couple of my favourite sites (DSC and HFL) so you may have seen it. The impact the Wrenchmonkees have had is incredible, but I knew they were onto something when Ben and I went to Copenhagen to do the world's first ever feature on them, back when it was Per, Nicolas and Anders (who has since left). The three Kawasakis they built for themselves and the whole attitude and style was different to anything I'd come across in motorcycling.

  6. The end of the proper Japanese motorcycle in America
    From The Superbike Blog I was looking through the new motorcycle offerings this week which are being brought to America for 2012 by the Big FourŪ, and I think I can now safely say that the availability of a proper Japanese motorcycle is largely a thing of the past here in the USA. That's right, standards and big street naked are nowhere to be found. Unless your idea of traditional design is a cruiserbike, your only choice now is a sea of passionless, computer-designed, cartoonishly angular, fully fared sport and sport-touring scalpels with less

  7. Howerton and Baer Kawasakis
    From Sideblog Marcus Moto sent us the photo of the silver ER-6. At first I assumed it was a racer then realised it was a wild street tracker, hence the front brake. It got me looking for other Howerton bikes. The 62 bike is Luke Gough's Howerton Kawasaki. Read more about these bikes at Stu's Shots. We've already featured two Kawasaki ER-6 GNC racers in Sideburn (theIndy and Springfield-winning Werner Springsteen Ninja in SB7 and Johnny Lewis's Scott Motorsports in SB9). The blue bike is the Baer Racing Kawasaki. Not sure about

  8. Sideburn x JL10
    From Sideblog We've been giving free stickers out with orders for a long time now. Margo has left us, so this is the latest. It's a Johnny Lewis tribute die-cut sticker (he's our rep in the GNC paddock, so go get your issues from him on race day). Order something from the webshop to get one. We'll have them at Verona too.The artwork, of Johnny's Scott Powersports Kawasaki ER-6, is by Chris Watson. G

  9. Things I love about this photo
    From Sideblog The huge bubble on Gary Nixon's Kawasaki. The cigarette in Gary's oily fingers.Miss New Hampshire's incredible Vivienne Westwood-esque tweed, plus Kawasaki green rollneck combo.The tear-offs left on the helmet, pointing to the likelihood Nixon led most of the race.Nixon's Bell helmet.The disembodied hand handing over the bubbly.The fella on the right's wonderful mix of pork pie hat, wraparounds and pink shirt with fierce collars. Those trophies.The fact three of the four people in shot are redheads. The flowery wreath. The glimpse of the Triumph tank. The strange look on Gary's

  10. How and Why Did You Get Into Motorcycling?
    From On Two Wheels Gary France (Flies in your Teeth) posed this question (although he referred to it as ?motorbiking?) and so I thought I?d take a shot at answering. It would have been about 1962 when Dad came home with an old and abused pedal-start motorbike, basically a bicycle with an engine attached. He gave it to us kids, along with access to his extensive toolbox (he was a mechanic by trade), and challenged us to get it running. I was the eldest, just barely into my teens, and with no manual,

  11. 32 Photos Of John Deere Motorcycles
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane The John Deere colors are probably one of the most recognizable colors in the world. John Deere agricultural equipment can be found in any part of the globe, so the green and yellow is something many people immediately identify as John Deere. So it's no surprise that many motorcycle owners customize their bike in John Deere's colors. We've showed a few customized motorcycles in John Deere colors in the past, but here's a much bigger list, 32 photos (some are of the same motorcycle). It's not only Harley-Davidson, but

  12. Givi Luggage Quick Look
    From WebBikeWorld Nice-looking semi-hard luggage for the Kawasaki Z1000 and other bikes.

  13. Johnny Lewis
    From Sideblog Johnny Lewis gives us his 'Guide To Surviving GNC Flat Track' in Sideburn #9. Plus the lowdown on his Scott Powersports Kawasaki ER-6 framer. BP

  14. I Know That Motorcycles Have Become Really Fast, But This?
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane It looks like the motorcycle manufacturers are doing a one-upmanship on power and speed for their sportsmotorcycles. Ever year, they become more powerful, and faster. Is this Kawasaki's model for 2015? ...

  15. Kawasaki Z1300 Turbo by Richard Fluttert
    From The Kneeslider Original article from: TheKneeslider.com - Original article from: TheKneeslider.com - The Kawasaki KZ1300 is "the other six" not as often seen as the CBX or even the Benelli Sei. That's too bad because there seems to be quite a following in some areas around the world and a few builders have made some pretty interesting projects out of the big [...]

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