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  1. Peaks Ride-Out Snaps
    From Sideblog This was the only accident of the whole day. It was just topple during the coffee break when the sidestand pressed through the flapjack tarmac. The only damage was some earth deposit on the sidestand which didn't exactly warrant calling out the AA.Dave on his newly acquired CB175Max winner of 'Best Jacket' wearing Dave Aldana's old leathers from when he was a teenager. Proper coffee in the middle of nowhere, served from the back of Motore's Piaggio Ape - How fantastic!And the next day on the way home, I stopped

  2. A Month of Sundays: Day riding to the relics of West Texas
    From The Superbike Blog With summer just around the corner, there's arguably no better way to enjoy the warm weather than by hopping on a motorcycle some Sunday and experiencing the wide open spaces of West Texas under epic blue skies. Though our area of the Lone Star State does take a bad rap at times for its arid features, virtually any motorcyclist in this neck of the woods can attest to the beauties of springtime here in the badlands; the scent of wildflower and Ocotillo in the air, the sun on your face,

  3. Kanagawa Toy Run
    From Gaijin Bikers in Japan This will be the final post in my “get the 2012 stuff out the door before the end of January 2013″ series! Every year, riders from Gaijin Riders, Japan Riders, and SBK (all active sites with real communities—far more useful and informative than this fossilized site) dress up as Santas and reindeer to bring presents [...]

  4. Great bikes of the past: Honda's Nighthawk S was a middle finger to mid-'80s import tariffs
    From The Superbike Blog Back in 1982, things weren't going so well for our friends at Harley-Davidson. In fact, the entire company was on the verge of folding. For a variety of economic and social reasons, the domestic motorcycle market was soft and not many Americans were rushing out to buy new bikes.This situation created several highly undesirable factors for everyone involved. The Japanese manufacturers found themselves with a huge stockpile of bikes in the US that their dealers weren't selling, which naturally drove prices down. The resultant price drops caused a general panic

  5. France: Top Motorcycle Sales For 2011
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane For a fourth consecutive year, sales of motorcycles and scooters in France has declined. While 2007 was a record year, 2011 is turning out to be one of the worst of this millennium. But interestingly enough, the European motorcycle manufacturers saw incredible sales increases, while the Japanese (except Honda) saw the reverse. ...

  6. Potty Motorcycle - Go On The Go
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane You've probably all seen the Japanese motorcycle using our natural excrement (read shit) as fuel. Now it looks like the Chinese are trying to replicate it, but in their own unique fashion. ...

  7. The end of the proper Japanese motorcycle in America
    From The Superbike Blog I was looking through the new motorcycle offerings this week which are being brought to America for 2012 by the Big Four«, and I think I can now safely say that the availability of a proper Japanese motorcycle is largely a thing of the past here in the USA. That's right, standards and big street naked are nowhere to be found. Unless your idea of traditional design is a cruiserbike, your only choice now is a sea of passionless, computer-designed, cartoonishly angular, fully fared sport and sport-touring scalpels with less

  8. Fast Motorcycle Industry News
    From Cyril Huze Blog... Japanese Domestic Motorcycle Salesá Up 6.7%. The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) released the overall domestic motorcycle sales for 2011 on Tuesday, reporting some positive numbers. For the first time in five years, the number of domestic sales from... This is a content summary only. Click on headlines for full links, images, other content and more!

  9. Harley-Davidson 4th Quarter 2011 Earnings Report Shows Continued Strength For Retail Motorcycle Sales
    From Cyril Huze Blog... Although it was a bumpy ride in 2011 for Harley-Davidson with sour consumer sentiment, the restructuring of its York facility and supply chain disruptions caused the Japan earthquake and tsunami, the company just announced this morning at 8.30 am EST that. 1- Worldwide... This is a content summary only. Click on headlines for full links, images, other content and more!

  10. Japanese Motorcycle Exhibit to Open in U.S.A.
    From WebBikeWorld Kaizen: Influence of the Japanese Motorcycle exhibit at the largest U.S. motorcycle museum to open in 2012.

  11. New Year's Day ride
    From Sideblog Some of our Japanese friends (from Tapo's Blog and Deluxie) having fun. Ride them, don't hide them! G

  12. Sideburn: 2011 Report
    From Sideblog In the last 12 months Sideburn has:Published three issues of the magazine. The first time we've done three in one year.Helped bring David Aldana over to the UK to race and organised a night for him to tell stories.Made four different free stickers to send out with orders (weatherproof Soul, Don't Limp, Zombie and Margo).Had a great London street party at the Reilly Rocket.Raced at every UK flat track race (either me or Ben, sometimes both of us).Built a Royal Enfield project bike (with big thanks to Royal Enfield UK

  13. Shaggy Dog/Monkey Story
    From Sideblog So this is my (most recent) object of desire. Unearthed on the Japanese Daikoube blog with no decipherable info. So I sent out questionnaires to those in the know...Ben Wilson revealed "Looks like Suzuki RV90/125 wheels, tyres, forks, swingarm & maybe frame with unknown Honda lump [me now thinks is an 1990s XR100] & Yamaha tank. You could use a TW125 as a donor instead."Adrian Apart in Buenos-Aires was foxed and added this mystery bog bike to the debate:But then trumped with: "I just bought a new version of an

  14. 20th Yokohama Show
    From Sideblog This is a road legal old-fashioned Auto Race Triumph. It was built Tom at ForkCo - Sideburn's Japanese distributor. ForkCo make lovelyengine dress-up parts for Harleys, Triumphs and Yamaha XS models. They're available direct or through Lowbrow in the US of A.I know, I know, but these are inspirational bikes.They're from Hummingburger via Bubble Visor. G

  15. How and Why Did You Get Into Motorcycling?
    From On Two Wheels Gary France (Flies in your Teeth) posed this question (although he referred to it as ?motorbiking?) and so I thought I?d take a shot at answering. It would have been about 1962 when Dad came home with an old and abused pedal-start motorbike, basically a bicycle with an engine attached. He gave it to us kids, along with access to his extensive toolbox (he was a mechanic by trade), and challenged us to get it running. I was the eldest, just barely into my teens, and with no manual,

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