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  1. Top Ten Reasons Why There Are No Motorcycles on the Road
    From Scooter in the Sticks   Last Thursday evening I rode into State College, Pennsylvania.  The sky was clear with a few wispy clouds made pink by the lowering sun and the temperature was hovering near 50F.  Perfect conditions for riding after a miserable winter.  Here's the scene at the motorcycle parking spaces across from Schlow Library -- three Vespa scooters.  So far this year the motorcycle riders are scarce to non-existent.  As I was riding home I knew there had to be a reason.  Maybe a helpful motorcycle rider can indicate the right choice. 10. Earth

  2. The Humble Rider
    From Scooter in the Sticks I found myself creeping along the alley which runs through the center of State College to avoid the more aggressive traffic on College Avenue.There?s nothing like a 50cc scooter to amplify your understanding of the road. Wondering whether the speedometer will 35mph or if a few less potato chips would make help top speeds, a ride on a little scooter seems to unfold in slow motion. On the Honda Ruckus I could feel the desire to move, to rush, to get somewhere faster, quicker, get through traffic, leave

  3. A Used BMW Motorcycle -- Happy New Year
    From Scooter in the Sticks Time slips by quickly and I have to pile on best wishes for the New Year on top of this story about a used BMW motorcycle.Happy New Year! My resolutions (yes, I make resolutions) are under construction.So, the used motorcycle, where to begin?On Thursday afternoon I strapped a pair of Heidenau K66 LT Snowtex tires to the back of the Vespa and headed off to Kissell Motorsports to have them mounted. For non-winter riders these are snow tires with aggressive, slush clearing pattern, silica in the rubber for

  4. Dispatch from Maine
    From Scooter in the Sticks Apologies for not writing sooner. Amazing how a trip away from home can lead a person to abandon responsibility and work. From the Maine coast I have time to reflect on life and recharge my creative batteries with a bit of rest and relaxation. Two mornings ago I found myself on the beach waiting for the sun to appear over the Atlantic. My restless spirit is eased in the broad, open expanse of ocean. Or in the desert.Ogunquit, Maine must be scooter friendly since the

  5. A great way to spend a winter Sunday
    From On Two Wheels After a hiatus of several years the Ottawa International Motorcycle Show was back this weekend. Previous attempts to resuscitate what was once a very good show had had limited success, so it was very encouraging to now see it in a larger venue and seemingly well attended.  Friends in the dealer community who I met there were pretty upbeat about the show and the level of interest, so perhaps we?ve turned a corner of sorts and the show will again become a January highlight. That?s not

  6. Starting 2009 The Right Way
    From 40 on 2 First, thanks to all of you who sent your holiday greetings by comment or e-mail. As always my twelve regular readers have proved themselves to be people of impeccable manners and good breeding.The fair and lovely Debbie and I started off 2009 as we should, that is to say we went for a ride. Debbie has had in mind to do an "epic ride" on her Honda Ruckus and January 1 was to be the day.Now "

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