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  1. IET Integrated Electric Transmission Motorcycle from SMRE Engineering
    From The Kneeslider Original article from: TheKneeslider.com - Original article from: TheKneeslider.com - Look at any electric motorcycle these days, whether TTXGP competitor or one of the first general purpose commuters and you'll notice one thing is missing, the shift lever. Electric motors have all of this torque available so you just twist the electric throttle and pour the electrons to the motor. [...]

  2. From uncaged librarian Father and Son Convert Their Motorcycle to Electric for About $3,000Electric motorcycles are sold by only a handful of companies in the United States, and those that can be bought usually cost around $8,000.Both Don and Andrew Higginbotham have owned motorcycles since their senior years of high school, and their bikes have always been an integral part of their lives. But besides maintenance and minor repairs, neither of them had ever done much work on motorcycles.Yet for three months, the father and son spent their Saturdays converting a Suzuki RF

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