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  1. Five Urals and One Strom Rig challenge the Elephant Ride
    From Redleg's Rides We woke to temperatures in the low teens this Sunday morning, and it felt quite "brisk" as I rode across the Denver Metro Area to meet with what would turn out to be five Ural Sidecar Rigs at the gas station just outside the town of Morrison, Colorado.The gathering of the rigsNote: this material was previously posted on my byline on examiner.com, if you read it there, a few pennies may go towards the fuel budget.  Thanks:  LINKWe left the gas station by 08:30 AM and a bit short of

  2. Winter Project 2011.1 What inspires me?
    From MOTOLIAM - A Cog in the Machine I was heavily influenced by this picture I'd come across on the internet and I wanted to create something similar, but with my own special touch. This green bike appeared to be a '93-'95 CBR900RR frame and radiator, with an '04-'06 R1 tailsection (custom alum tube subframe), Acerbis headlight, and CBR954RR front forks and wheels. The swingarm had been "boxed" (aluminum plate added for rigidity), the exhaust modified, and aftermarket rearsets, cf frameguards, and an Aprilia RS250 front fender added. Dirt bike handlebars completed the transformation from

  3. Dirt Bike World - Last Man Standing - long play
    From dirtbike.ws The full length version of 'Last Man Standing'. Get immersed in the Australian Dirt Bike culture and come along for a ride! $20 on your handle bars makes some riders desperate. And all for a good cause as all money was donated to the Childrens Cancers Institute Australia at the end of the day

  4. VIDEO: Off-Road Riding with the BMW GS
    From Scooter in the Sticks I came across this video on Twitter and thought it did a good job reflecting what off the pavement riding is like with those big BMW GS and GS Adventure bikes. And a smattering of the smaller BMW dual sport bikes like the F800 GS. I remember riding a 1970 Kawasaki dirt bike in far more serious terrain and places that I would never attempt with one of the big BMWs. Even so, this video makes riding off the pavement look great.

  5. Yoshie at the Rampart Range Revival
    From Redleg's Rides Apparently quite the long running event, the RRR or Rampart Range Revival is set in the forested hills that border Rampart Range Road.  Rampart Range links CO67 and the town of Sedalia through portions of the Pikes National Forest, to the town of Woodland Park near Colorado Springs.This forested area is a mecca for dirt bike riders from the Denver Metro Area and points beyond.  Easy access through Rampart Range Rd is provided to many campsites and nearby dirt bike trails.I rode out today shortly before 8:00AM to meet with

  6. The Secrets of Getting Great Motorcycle Insurance: Tuesday on SideStandUp
    From Motorcycle Misadventures I'm thrilled to be interviewing my friend Susan Bernosky on SidestandUp.com motorcycle radio tomorrow. Susan rides a Harley, a BMW, and a dirt bike and has been an insurance agent since 1987. You might have even seen her face in a motorcycle magazine for an Allstate ad on insurance agents...

  7. The Secrets of Getting Great Motorcycle Insurance
    From Motorcycle Misadventures I'm thrilled to be interviewing my friend Susan Bernosky on SidestandUp.com motorcycle radio next Tuesday. Susan rides a Harley, a BMW, and a dirt bike and has been an insurance agent since 1987. You might have even seen her face in a motorcycle magazine for an Allstate ad on insurance...

  8. Guest Blogger, Uraling to Moab, Part II
    From Redleg's Rides Here's part 2 of Jay B's recent journey to Moab, UT on his trusty Ural Patrol Sidecar rig.  Part one is here.Uraling to Moab, Part IIWe had found a campsite on the river along Highway 128 and quickly set up camp. The wind had never let up and it was a constant barrage shaking the tent followed by a settling of sand over our sleeping bodies.  In the morning, still woozy from the ride and rubbing the sand from our faces, we noticed the river had risen about a foot.

  9. Trail Blazer Trail Ride New Zealand - Dirt Bike Helmet Cam on a CR500
    From dirtbike.ws Dirt bike helmet cam footage of the Suzuki Trail Blazer trail ride in New Zealand on 10 April 2011 riding a CR500

  10. Style and Serendipitous Riding
    From Scooter in the Sticks There's nothing unusual about heading to the convenience store for some chocolate to go with my late night cup of tea.  A short ride, nice night air, a satisfying experience.  Seeing my reflection in the front doors though had me asking what sort of rider I was. Not long ago I watched a guy ride up on a big Victory touring bike.  The motorcycle sparkled and the black leather fringe hanging from the hand grips matched his dazzling leather riding suit.  Boots, helmet, gloves, everything was selected with care.  He could

  11. The Motorcycle Mechanic
    From Scooter in the Sticks That's Tom Christensen, motorcycle mechanic. Whenever I leave my Vespa for service at Kissell Motorsports I didn?t really know what was happening to it or who was doing the work. The scooter would be left behind and then, as if by magic, it would be returned with whatever mechanical needs addressed. For some people that would be enough. I got it into my head that I wanted to know the people who were evaluating my machine,  turning the wrenches, and actually working on the Vespa. Or maybe I

  12. Coventry
    From Sideblog Last week Boastie organized a special PR day to promote his new 2011 Suzuki flat track team. The venue was the Coventry Bees stadium at Rugby Road, Coventry. It's an impressive 301 meter track that has been used for Speedway and dog racing since 1929. A small bunch of journos were invited along to try the bikes. He and his prodigy Tim Neave showed us how it was meant to be done, then we mostly disregarded all the instruction and had a daft time. Sutty from Dirt Bike Rider magazine

  13. Hill Climb
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue      When my friend Dale called to see if I wanted to go to a hill climb, I fired up the bike and headed out. The event was held at an off road RV park in Carnegie, California. Carnegie is located east of Livermore, off of Hwy 580, and about 100 miles from home.     The first thing you need for a hill climb is a hill. The hill never looks very steep when looking up from the bottom. However that is an illusion, the hill is very steep. Occasionally one of the course workers will slip, then slide 10

  14. Feeling Like A Super Rat
    From Generic Blog Hodaka Super Rat - As bad as they were, they are still a million times better then anything made in China today. I just noticed I had not posted anything here since February 1st ! That could be because the whole month of February sucked. Not just sucked as most Winter months do if your in the motorcycle biz, February sucked like Mother nature was out to cut out hearts out and make us cry like babies. Here in New England we have had one of the worst Winters in a few years.

  15. Uralisti at the Elephant Ride 2011
    From Redleg's Rides As Winter continues to grip the country, three Ural Sidecar Rigs and their Uralisti riders and monkeys rode early this morning to Grant, Colorado.  Grant is the starting point for the annual "Elephant Ride".   An informal event whereby motorcycle riders of all sorts and makes attempt to make it to the summit of Guanella Pass.The southern end of the road which leads to Guanella Pass is at at Grant, hence it's use as the starting point.The Uralisti comprised myself, John and Cookie and Steffen and his son Nick.  Steffen,

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