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  1. How To Handle A Heat Wave As A Motorcycle Rider
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane #Funny #Heat #Water - When it gets hot, even riding your motorcycle will not cool you down. So there is only one thing you can do, and that is hit the water. ...

  2. A Month of Sundays: Day riding to the relics of West Texas
    From The Superbike Blog With summer just around the corner, there's arguably no better way to enjoy the warm weather than by hopping on a motorcycle some Sunday and experiencing the wide open spaces of West Texas under epic blue skies. Though our area of the Lone Star State does take a bad rap at times for its arid features, virtually any motorcyclist in this neck of the woods can attest to the beauties of springtime here in the badlands; the scent of wildflower and Ocotillo in the air, the sun on your face,

  3. Caring for your motorcycle chaps
    From On Two Wheels (Note to UK readers, this has nothing to do with feeding ale to your riding buddies.) Periodically I get requests to publish a guest article on some item of interest to the riding community. This time it was the folks over at Motorcycle House who asked if they could offer up a brief note on how to care for your riding chaps. These can be an expensive piece of gear so why not get the most out of them? And here?s how to do it. (Although I was sceptical

  4. The BUFA Ride--Ride For One of Our Own
    From Christine's Corner September 9, 2012 was the day for the fall BUFA Run. For those of you who do not know, BUFA stands for Bikers United For America--a club that brings all clubs together for a common cause. Created after the 9/11 attack, BUFA started raising money for to help those affected by 9/11. Since then, the members of BUFA (basically if you ride, you are a member) help select those in need. All money raised is given directly to the awardees--no money is spent on overhead. BUFA holds two runs--one in the

  5. I'd swear it's 1994, because people are still using the term "crotch rocket"
    From The Superbike Blog As the summer of 2012 begins its downhill stretch toward the beckoning autumn, I look back on the rides, rallies, races, and runs of the past few months mindful of one very irritating observation: People are still using the term "crotch rocket" when referring to sportbikes. Seriously, it's time somebody made this an issue, and I humbly volunteer.Call this a pet peeve of mine, but anytime I hear the term, it strikes me as the moto-equivalent of a racial slur for some reason. I know it shouldn't be such

  6. Daytona Bike Week Official Logo. Did You Know?
    From Cyril Huze Blog... In preparation of each Bike Week the Daytona Regional Chamber?s Bike Week Festival Task Force selects the official logo design. In addition to addressing certain requisite elements, the winning logo design must appeal to a diverse audience of bikers, vendors and marketers,... This is a content summary only. Click on headlines for full links, images, other content and more!

  7. Worn To Be Wild. The Black Leather Jacket Exhibit At Harley-Davidson Museum.
    From Cyril Huze Blog... This summer (June 16 through Sept. 3) the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee will tell the story of the black leather jacket through its special exhibit, Worn to be Wild: The Black Leather Jacket. From pilots to bikers, rock stars to stunt men, rebellious youth to the... This is a content summary only. Click on headlines for full links, images, other content and more!

  8. France: Motorcycle Rest Stops for Enduropale 2012
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane If you're planning to attend world's craziest, and biggest, beach motorcycle race, the Le Touquet Enduropale, on next weekend (February 4 & 5), and you're going on a motorcycle, here are the special rest places for bikers. There are 3 of them, places motorcycle riders can go to, to get their bike checked out, drink hot drinks, and mingle with other bikers. Also, several motorways should be free for motorcycles going to the race. ...

  9. Video: Shit Bikers Say
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane As motorcycle riders, we tend to say a lot. Instead of just riding, we like talking about our motorcycles, and often we say, as the French say, "N'importe quoi", meaning "whatever". It's true, we do say a lot of things, and this video proves it. You'll recognize many of the things said in the video, that's for sure. Starring Bill Dwyer from AtlasRider. Have a look, and see how many of the things said in the video are said by you.... I dare you. ...

  10. Brutus Electric Motorcycles
    From The Kneeslider Original article from: TheKneeslider.com - An electric motorcycle with an appearance more appealing to bikers than the environmental crowd, with a combination of performance and range that sounds promising. A different take on the non fossil fuel alternative.

  11. David Uhl?s Tribute To Gloria Tramontin Struck
    From Cyril Huze Blog... She is 86, has done 69 years of riding in the US and abroad. She doesn’t know the word trailer, still shovel the snow front of her New Jersey house in winter to be able to ride to Daytona Bike Week. She is our female hero, an inspiration for all bikers on and off her... This is a content summary only. Click on headlines for full links, images, other content and more!

  12. Dakar2012: Day 14 and Final
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Last day of the famous Dakar rally, and in the motorcycle category, Cyril Depres has won. It's his 4th title, one more than his arch-rival Marc Coma. It was not an easy 3 weeks for either of them. For the spectators, we could not have asked for a better race, since it was played until Day 13 within seconds of each other. This made the race very interesting to watch. Congratulations to both Cyril and Marc for making this year so interesting to follow. BTW: Not only did motorcycle

  13. Spain: Penguins Motorcycle Rally 2012
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Every year, some 25,000 weathered motorcycle riders come together for some fun in the snow in Spain. Called the Penguin International Winter Motorcycle Rally, or in Spanish, Pinguinos, this year, they came as well, but there was no snow, blame global warming. But still, it's pretty cold in Puente Duero, and the bikers had fun. It's not the Elephant Rally, but still up there for cold weather motorcycle riding. ...

  14. France: Le Touquet Enduropale 2012 - No Biker Camping
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane The famous motorcycle beach race, world's biggest, the Le Touquet Enduropale, is held on Sunday 5 February. For the first time, one lonely American is taking part... he probably got lost and ended up in Le Touquet... This year, the city has decided not to allow camping at the horse track, since bikers get drunk, and they wreck the place. The city, celebrating 100 years, is also the overflow for the London Olympics this year, so they want to keep the city intact. So if you want to camp,

  15. Nepal: Filling Up Your Motorcycle, Not Easy
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane At times when I need to fill up my motorcycle at a gas station and I see another motorcycle in front of me, I just go to the next station. Why wait? But it looks like these poor bikers do not have a choice. Guess you can wait a day to fill up. Maybe electric motorcycles are a better choice... ...

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