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  1. Gypsy Biker Bed Rolls
    From Cyril Huze Blog... Riding to Sturgis? Don is an old school biker dude who makes a kickass bedroll called the Gypsy Biker Bedroll, which has seen the most hardcore mofos through long road trips. Don often tells people that the Gypsy Biker Bedroll is “a little past comfortable? According... This is a content summary only. Click on headlines for full links, images, other content and more!

  2. Are leather jackets hott?
    From Custom Motorcycle Talk by BeachCruiser My girlfriend hates it everytime I wear my leather jacket, she says I’m dressing like an old man. Now I’m not talking about Harley Davidson biker dude status leather jacket style. Just something kind of casual kind of nice to go out in. This would be a question more for the ladies then. Do you [...]

  3. Bikers Help Teen Look Cool for School
    From Brain Bucket Magazine They're an unlikely team. A teenage girl with a life long disease and big, tattooed biker dudes. Both sides are getting a lot out of the partnership as the men are helping the teen look cool for school.

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