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  1. Rebel Motorcycles Ltd.
    From Sideblog We have stocks of another cool hardback book for sale - Rebel Motorcycles Ltd. It has a lovely spot varnished cover, is a large format 30x21cm and includes photos of builders, bike, events and shows including: Shinya Kimura; Wes White; Cole Foster; A Bombers, Sweden; Moon eyes, Japan; Jimmy Shine; Hard 9 Choppers; El Diablo Run...Here's the press release...Following 'The Electroline Diaries -on the road with the Burbank Choppers', award winner Laurent Bagnard is back with a new book: 'Rebel Motorcycles Ltd'. 'He's put together in this book some

  2. Norgo or Yamaton?
    From On Two Wheels I?ve always admired the Norton brand ? even owned a few in my time ? and have long lusted after a 60?s vintage BSA Lightning or Triumph Bonneville. There?s just something about those Brit bikes of that era that appeals to me.  Certainly they don?t hold a candle to even the poorest handling and most maintenance intensive bikes of today, but they have a character that is hard to describe. It?s as if the expression, ?if I have to explain it you wouldn?t understand?, was coined specifically in response to

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