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  1. RSD Bolt
    From Sideblog Yamaha have released a new Sportster type twin-cruiser, and now every manufacturer is contractually obliged to have Roland Sands Designs to do a number on one of their bikes, Yamaha have returned to RSD for a number on their latest bike.See read more about at RSD

  2. Lesson in Acceptance
    From Scooter in the Sticks 7am.  Sitting in the driveway ready to ride a few miles down the road for breakfast.  The plan was for my daughter and I to take a Sunday morning ride ? her on the Yamaha Vino and me on the steady Vespa. My friend Gordon inquired the previous evening about Sunday morning plans and I invited him along. Three scooters on the road.  A good plan. And like all plans subject to change. At around 4am I received a text message from Aleta that she would probably not make the

  3. Challenges for New Rider
    From Scooter in the Sticks Aleta is working her way towards becoming a hardcore scooter rider -- this picture taken over the weekend during a lull in the rain during a 100 mile ride.  Her first long trip had a little of everything -- weather, traffic, distance and winding roads.  Soon she'll graduate from my guidance to the professional training offered through the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program.   I told her a little rain wouldn't hurt her. Aleta is riding her Yamaha Vino while I lead the way on the Vespa.  Trying out the Camera Bag 2

  4. A love-hate relationship
    From On Two Wheels Most of us have a special kind of relationship with our motorcycles. Usually we love them (Why else would I have bought it in the first place?), sometimes we hate them (My ass hurts after 10 minutes in the saddle!) and it varies by day or even hour. I got to thinking about that third option, that love-hate kind of relationship, as I was reading about Dom?s over at Redleg?s Rides trials and tribulations with Valencia on his Alaska trip. As much as he loves his rig I?m sure

  5. Ride a Burger to Work
    From Lucky's Hideaway I am seriously enjoying the nice weather we're having so far this spring.  Sure, we've had our fair share of rain (like today), but  I'll take the wet stuff over the frozen stuff any day!  Last year in early May, there were still remnants of snowbanks along some of the city streets... This year, I've already mowed the lawn - FOUR TIMES!Anyhow, I'm discovering how practical and convenient the Burgman really is.  Sure, I still love the old Yamaha Seca, and a bigger bike would be nice for serious touring

  6. Andrew Wheeler, AutoMotoPhoto and MotoGP. Part3 Catching Up.
    From AutoMotoPhoto Some of you who are "Likers" on the Andrew Wheeler - AutoMotoPhoto page here on Facebook would have seen or viewed the individual rider galleries I put together to keep us warm and interested over those cold winter nights...(doesn't that sound all squishy warm and fuzzy?) Well, I figured that not everyone is on Facebook, and so they're worth sharing here.  I'll most likely be adding a few more to the Facebook page between now and Qatar just to get people in the mood for the new season, but in

  7. A Gerbing Heated Gloves Night
    From Scooter in the Sticks Gerbing is as good as their word -- a brand new pair of leather, G3 heated gloves.  My old ones failed and they replaced them.  I'm a confirmed Gerbing rider.  And when I got home from work tonight I had to try them out during a trip into town.  While the Vespa was idling in the driveway I plugged the new gloves in and felt warmth almost instantly.  Really warm.  And the new gloves have heated palms. I knew there would be some ice to experiment with nearby and I

  8. Telford Classic Dirt Bike Metal
    From Sideblog Ariel Trials for real heroesMmmmm... Cheney TriumphCheney YamahaBrit engine (don't know what) in a Maico chassis.Rudge 500 Trials, 4 valve heads, bitsa but well built, expensive at £5,000Thanks to Simon for the photos and captions. GTOP MEN, true heroes of international jet setting global adventurers Austin and Gerald Vince of Mondo Enduro and Terra Circa spectaculars, on display in the flesh, braving Arctic blizzard whiteout conditions besetting Telford International Centre... These chaps spreading the word about the most best value for money off-road adventure Old School Orienteering in the Pyrenees

  9. The end of the proper Japanese motorcycle in America
    From The Superbike Blog I was looking through the new motorcycle offerings this week which are being brought to America for 2012 by the Big Four®, and I think I can now safely say that the availability of a proper Japanese motorcycle is largely a thing of the past here in the USA. That's right, standards and big street naked are nowhere to be found. Unless your idea of traditional design is a cruiserbike, your only choice now is a sea of passionless, computer-designed, cartoonishly angular, fully fared sport and sport-touring scalpels with less

  10. Old Empire Motorcycles
    From Sideblog Just been sent this. Good luck Alec.Hi there, thought id drop in an e-mail to inform you of a new motorcycle business only recently founded here in the UK, where we are striving to bring a fresh lease of life to british motorcycle design and manufacture.Old Empire Motorcycles is a fledgling custom motorcycle enterprise at the moment and still finding its feet.We have only really been fully operational for a couple of months now, but its taken a full year to get prepared, as in the workshop, equipmentetc. Regular updates

  11. Yamaha BW200
    From Sideblog From Neil (who also made the incredible Rollerball Action Figure)...Hey there, I saw on your blog you were interested in fat wheeled bikes.I had a Yamaha BW200 until last year, when I sold it to a mate who still has it.They were made in the mid 1980s, off road only, with a 200cc engine and then later with a 350cc.If you look on my blog manisatthewindow.blogspot.com, the very first picture posted is that bike. (Won't take long to find, I haven't posted that much).They are pretty rare in the UK,

  12. Josh Hayes MotoGP - Cycleworld - Racewatch
    From AutoMotoPhoto A lightning update here....My good friend Josh Hayes (accompanied by his wife Melissa) were initially invited by Tech3 Yamaha to ride their bikes following the race weekend at the final MotoGP round at Valencia in Spain last November. After Colin Edwards was injured in the collision that involved Marco Simoncelli and Valentino Rossi, the test ride became a race ride....I photographed and interviewed Josh Hayes for Cycleworld Magazine over the race weekend on his thoughts about Simoncelli, Edwards etc, and his emotions about the opportunity and how he approached the entire adventure...

  13. Shaggy Dog/Monkey Story
    From Sideblog So this is my (most recent) object of desire. Unearthed on the Japanese Daikoube blog with no decipherable info. So I sent out questionnaires to those in the know...Ben Wilson revealed "Looks like Suzuki RV90/125 wheels, tyres, forks, swingarm & maybe frame with unknown Honda lump [me now thinks is an 1990s XR100] & Yamaha tank. You could use a TW125 as a donor instead."Adrian Apart in Buenos-Aires was foxed and added this mystery bog bike to the debate:But then trumped with: "I just bought a new version of an

  14. Ads: Yamaha Financial Services
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane It's not an easy task to make an advertisement for a bank or financial services targeted at motorcycle riders. Most bikers just aren't interested in them. The FAM agency in Brazil did a pretty good job, producing ads that are for financial services geared towards motorcycle and scooter riders. The company is Yamaha Bank, meant to give out loans to bikers wanting to buy a motorcycle or scooter. Instead of boring financial charts, theirs shows a bike. Nice touch. ...

  15. Deathbox Update
    From Sideblog From Thomas in WisconsinAbout a year ago you put up a picture of my ratty yamaha (89 FZR600) in all black. Made a little more progress this year. This was/is originally inspired by your stories of the Mablethorpe sand races.The tyres (tires in the US :)) are Pirelli Scorpions. They have held up really well. Probably not sticky enough for track day, but great 50/50 rubber none the less.Our blog is Killin ItThanks again and take care!Thomas

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