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  1. The end of the proper Japanese motorcycle in America
    From The Superbike Blog I was looking through the new motorcycle offerings this week which are being brought to America for 2012 by the Big FourŪ, and I think I can now safely say that the availability of a proper Japanese motorcycle is largely a thing of the past here in the USA. That's right, standards and big street naked are nowhere to be found. Unless your idea of traditional design is a cruiserbike, your only choice now is a sea of passionless, computer-designed, cartoonishly angular, fully fared sport and sport-touring scalpels with less

  2. Riding the Cache La Poudre Scenic Byway with a fellow Rounder
    From Redleg's Rides Ken Phenix was staying with me this past weekend, I was his "end of ride" witness for this second attempt at a Ironbutt 1000 miles in 24 hours ride.  Ken made it handily with almost an hour to spare I think, but he was one tired puppy at the end of that ride.Ken is looking like one tired puppyKen's Suzuki Bandit adds to the herd of motorcycles in my garageAfter about four hours of sleep, we both rode down to Performance Motorcycle Accessories so Ken could replace the rear tire

  3. Unusual motorcycles from the streets of Berlin
    From Helmet Hair Every country have a trend in motorcycles depending on various factors. In Denmark you see a lot of less expensive bikes like the 600cc Suzuki Bandit because taxes are insane and it’s a pretty deasent bike that has a lot of after market parts available. In Germany you obviously see a lot of BMW’s. In [...]

  4. Riding with a Fellow Rounder
    From Redleg's Rides This weekend, I had the pleasure of riding some of my favorite routes with a fellow yearround rider from S.E. Texas. We call ourselves rounders, and met with other like-minded individuals online at www.yearroundriders.comKen hails from Beaumont, TX where he and his Suzuki Bandit, show the mostly HD cruiser crowd in the area what it means to be a yearround rider. Ken was even seen out on his motorcycle after the snow they had down in Beaumont this past winter, a rare event for S.E. Texas. The

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