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  1. Post trip gear review
    From Sojourn Chronicles The ?Fill in the States Map? Part 1 tour is over, and I want to share some information about the motorcycle and riding gear. It?s always good to look back, and pay attention to how effective was the planning. The Motorcycle Just after starting out on this trip, the 2008 Suzuki V-Strom DL650 rolled past […]

  2. Canadian Riders
    From Scooter in the Sticks On the way to work a couple weeks ago... Crossed paths with two riders from Canada-- John and Doug.  Had a nice chat about riding, their trip and the Can-am Spyder Touring machine.  Definitely an interesting ride.  John refers to it as "an open-air sportscar".  After sitting on it a bit I could see his point.  His third Can-am I seem to remember and he's loving them.  For those times he needs the motorcycle experience there's a Suzuki VStrom in the stable. Both rode down from Ontario and where making a big

  3. Darwin Award Nominee #82763: Self Filming Speeding Motorcycle 271 kph
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane #Darwin #Speeding #Motorcycles - Some people really do not deserve to be called "human", and some have a room temperature I.Q. A French biker was stopped by the local Gendarmes after he was spotted riding his motorcycle in excess of 250 kph. The cops were drawn to his bike because of the extreme high noise it was making, since it was riding in full revs. The cops stopped him and while inspecting his Suzuki bike, discovered a camera mounted on his handlebar. After watching the homemade video, they discovered that

  4. Forty years of the Z bike
    From The Superbike Blog In this day and age, the word "classic" tends to get thrown around way too much in our various and sundry descriptions of modern popular culture. Much the same as equally misused and superfluously uttered terms such as "awesome", "genius", "amazing", and "unique", the word "classic" no longer strikes the imagination with any significant impact or meaning when heard or read by the average person. Like the rest of the overused descriptors in our modern, dumbed down lexicon, it has become little more than a kind of happy linguistic

  5. Ride a Burger to Work
    From Lucky's Hideaway I am seriously enjoying the nice weather we're having so far this spring.  Sure, we've had our fair share of rain (like today), but  I'll take the wet stuff over the frozen stuff any day!  Last year in early May, there were still remnants of snowbanks along some of the city streets... This year, I've already mowed the lawn - FOUR TIMES!Anyhow, I'm discovering how practical and convenient the Burgman really is.  Sure, I still love the old Yamaha Seca, and a bigger bike would be nice for serious touring

  6. Andrew Wheeler, AutoMotoPhoto and MotoGP. Part3 Catching Up.
    From AutoMotoPhoto Some of you who are "Likers" on the Andrew Wheeler - AutoMotoPhoto page here on Facebook would have seen or viewed the individual rider galleries I put together to keep us warm and interested over those cold winter nights...(doesn't that sound all squishy warm and fuzzy?) Well, I figured that not everyone is on Facebook, and so they're worth sharing here.  I'll most likely be adding a few more to the Facebook page between now and Qatar just to get people in the mood for the new season, but in

  7. Ad: Suzuki GSX-R1000 - No Traction Control, No ABS
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Nice advertisement I found in France for the 2012 Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle. Bring back simplicity, no gadgets, just you and the motorcycle. ...

  8. Who Cares About The Snow and Ice On A Motorcycle?
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Just because there's snow and ice, doesn't mean you can't go and have fun on your motorcycle. And it doesn't even have to be an off-road bike with big studded tires, just some spikes in your tires will do the trick (just look at the spikes on the tires...). ...

  9. Two-man Aprilia team in UK Dirt Track
    From Sideblog Good news from Short Track UK.Aprilia UK have announced that they are backing a Two Rider Team in this year's Grand National UK Championship. The Team will be running 450 V twin RXV Machines, which have already been raced in the States with success.We can also confirm that Glyn Pocklington and Adam Allott wil be the two riders chasing the title for Aprilia. Glyn, who finished 5th in last year's Championship said 'I'm confident that we can get the bikes working well. They have plenty of horse power, we've just

  10. Joe Kopp's Pike's Peak Triple
    From Sideblog Joe Kopp has been busy since retiring from the full-time GNC racing. We knew he'd been competing in the US XR1200 race series, but his assault on Pike's Peak passed us by. This is the bike he did it on. He had the record-breaking time, till the Ducati Multistrada of Carlin Dunne beat it later that day (though the lap record was always going to get beaten as the track has a higher proportion of tarmac every year, and this year, we're told by friends who race there, it's going

  11. The end of the proper Japanese motorcycle in America
    From The Superbike Blog I was looking through the new motorcycle offerings this week which are being brought to America for 2012 by the Big FourŪ, and I think I can now safely say that the availability of a proper Japanese motorcycle is largely a thing of the past here in the USA. That's right, standards and big street naked are nowhere to be found. Unless your idea of traditional design is a cruiserbike, your only choice now is a sea of passionless, computer-designed, cartoonishly angular, fully fared sport and sport-touring scalpels with less

  12. Suzuki DR650 Shift Lever Comparison and Review
    From WebBikeWorld Comparing the stock Suzuki shift lever with the Emgo and Moose Racing products.

  13. Happy New Year! - Redleg's Rides 2011 Year in Pictures
    From Redleg's Rides Happy New Year one and all, I gathered pictures of riding from all the preceding months into one YouTube movie, hope you like it.The movie seems to show I spent more time on three wheels than I did on two, but all the commuting miles don't show up in the photos, do they?A tumultuous and stressful year for me in terms of having motorcycles go in and out of my life, hopefully things are now stabilized in this regard for the foreseeable future.  I got to meet some fellow bloggers,

  14. Shaggy Dog/Monkey Story
    From Sideblog So this is my (most recent) object of desire. Unearthed on the Japanese Daikoube blog with no decipherable info. So I sent out questionnaires to those in the know...Ben Wilson revealed "Looks like Suzuki RV90/125 wheels, tyres, forks, swingarm & maybe frame with unknown Honda lump [me now thinks is an 1990s XR100] & Yamaha tank. You could use a TW125 as a donor instead."Adrian Apart in Buenos-Aires was foxed and added this mystery bog bike to the debate:But then trumped with: "I just bought a new version of an

  15. Happy Holidays!
    From The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour Lady Luck and Santa Claus have both said something about me "splattering [myself] across the roadway like a douche" if I were to get a Ducati Superbike for Christmas.  I'm a little worried the holiday might pass without finding a bright red bike under the tree.But, really, who needs a shiny new high performance Italian motorcycle that makes 195 horsepower and only weighs 361 pounds when I've got a wonderful family and wonderful friends.   I'll gladly take the treasures I'm lucky to have over a fussy motorcycle any day.Though, I wouldn't kick it out of my

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