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  1. Top Internet Stories - 3 June 2011
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Couldn't find anything last week, but here's what I saw for the last two weeks on motorcycle stories that may (or not) interest you. Enjoy. - Electric Motorcycles - In With The New Or On With The Old? (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum) - Ducati Stars In National Geographic's New Megafactories Series (Auto Evolution) - Concerns and Pride of Royal Enfield (Bike Advice) - 10 Ways To Avoid Looking Like A Squid (About Motorcycles) ...

  2. Failed anti-sportbike bill offers important lessons to both sides of the fight
    From The Superbike Blog Those of you who saw this post and followed this Facebook page throughout the entire Texas HB 2470 ordeal are well aware of what we Texas motorcyclists recently put ourselves through to defeat a highly discriminatory and poorly drafted bill aimed solely at sportbikes ?? the proposed law based on nothing more than prejudiced and ignorant public perceptions. I'll spare you the details, as I have a bad case of tired head right now from the whole experience. If you need to catch up on everything that happened, make

  3. Uganda: Squids In The Making
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane If ever I've seen a bunch of squids, this is it.... ...

  4. Squids Are Not All Male
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Most motorcycle squids and bikers who are trying to win the annual Darwin award are male. It's a given, but then, there are still more male then female motorcycle riders out there. Maybe over time, we'll see more and more female squids arriving on the scene. Like this one..... ...

  5. Uraling with Miles on the West and South Platte River Roads
    From Redleg's Rides Miles, my number 2 son and I rode out of our neighborhood at 9:30 AM today.  We were going into the foothills to try and escape the hot weather we'd been having lately here in the Denver Metro area.Note: This posting is also located on examiner.com. So what's the difference? I get paid per # of hits on that site, so if you feel like helping my fuel budget, read the

  6. The Cool Factor
    From 40 on 2 Everyone, whether they admit it or not, wants to look at least a little cool on their bike. We all know deep down in our little gasoline powered hearts that we do not look like Steve McQueen on his Triumph 650 or "Chino" from the movie "The Wild One" but we do hope we don't look like a complete noob paddling away from stop lights or dropping the bike in our own driveway.About four weeks ago now the fair and lovely Debbie took our one and

  7. The Tortoise and the Hare
    From Redleg's Rides Today the forecasted high was in the low 70's and following the "rule" I've had to establish what with two mistresses in the garage and all, I rode Brigitta, my R80 Airhead Beemer to work this morning.Wow, I'd forgotten how fast she is when compared to Natasha....hence the title of this posting.I'd ridden the R80 this past Sunday but now as I wound my way down my regular work commute roads, I could actually accelerate "with elan" past half-asleep but yet still texting cagers! I could grab that open

  8. Some long distance riding tips
    From Redleg's Rides I thought I'd write down some of the tips I've learned, discovered, re-learned and put to good use as I've ridden both my motorcycles up and down Colorado's roads and the roads of several other states.First and foremost, take care of your motorcycle and it'll get you home. I do my own services where I can, not only to save money but to get to know my motorcycle more closely in case it ever breaks down. Not only that, but when I do a service, I know it

  9. Binned: A Squid's Tale
    From Underblog Rides Again Driving to Sears yesterday to pick up a mid-section toolbox to house my new goodies (see post below), I notice a motorcyclist on a wide-tired sportbike, fender eliminator, LED taillights, etc zipping through traffic, weaving to and fro. Minutes later, I pull up behind a stopped car in the right hand lane. I notice two people trying to move a hulk of a motorcycle off the road; they are not having much luck. Plastic bodywork littered the lane 30 feet ahead of where they were handling the motorcycle. As the car

  10. Bike Night
    From Underblog Rides Again Last night I attended Bike Night in Albuquerque. Garduņo's on the Green is a local chain restaurant set in one of Albuquerque's more unique environments. The Balloon Fiesta Park is a ready-made tourist attraction, complete with Balloon Museum, golf ball driving range, hundreds of acres of soccer fields and generally much open space. In the middle of all this is Garduņo's on the Green. And oddly, there were a lot of people at this large-sized family venue. Even before the motorcyclists arrived there were bunches of people, coming in from

  11. Dry Tortugas
    From Adventures of Jeff Jeez crimeny its been a long time since I updated this. Is this thing still on? Working a lot of overtime at my real job and doing a lot of other activities have limited my time online, which I don?t think is a bad thing.But a couple of weeks ago I got to dive the Dry Tortugas with my friend CP. He has been working on the MV Spree all summer as the photo pro of the boat. And they needed someone to fill tanks in-between dives on a 5

  12. People Tend To Suck
    From Goon Blog And not in that good way. More in the "Why is that assbag wasting my oxygen" kind of way ...People like this mental midget Oklahoma State Senator Bernest Cain. A wizard of wimp politics, Sen. Cain decided the answer to young people's head injuries and accidents was not rider education or responsible behavior but a complete ban on anyone under the age of 12 on any sort of off-road ATV. Four wheelers, three wheelers, motorcycles. All of it. Brilliant!In his infinite knowledge of the subject Sen. Cain has deemed The

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