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  1. Radical Acceptance
    From Scooter in the Sticks Early this morning, on my way to meet Aleta and ride with her to her first riding day of the MSF course -- five hours of focused training on a riding range.  Moments like these are quiet, serene and the weight of the world evaporates like smoke. Too bad a person can't ride all the time. I need to do something -- life seems like it's spinning out of control. Or maybe I'm just plain stupid and getting worse as time marches on. I've always enjoyed repeating one of

  2. Challenges for New Rider
    From Scooter in the Sticks Aleta is working her way towards becoming a hardcore scooter rider -- this picture taken over the weekend during a lull in the rain during a 100 mile ride.  Her first long trip had a little of everything -- weather, traffic, distance and winding roads.  Soon she'll graduate from my guidance to the professional training offered through the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program.   I told her a little rain wouldn't hurt her. Aleta is riding her Yamaha Vino while I lead the way on the Vespa.  Trying out the Camera Bag 2

  3. Lack of Motion Induced Blindness
    From KT DID This is from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Very interesting exam and worthy of passing this around. "Lack of motion Induced Blindness? was presented as a flying issue, but one can also miss things (pedestrians, motorcycles, other cars) while driving, so, keep your heads and eyes moving. The below link is a great illustration of what was taught about scanning outside the cockpit when military pilots went through training they were told to scan the horizon for a short distance, stop momentarily, and repeat the process.This was the most

  4. The Colorado National Monument and a Beemer Rally
    From Redleg's Rides O'Dark Thirty - what folks who've served in the military know as a really early hour in the morning.It was truly O'Dark Thirty, in my case 3:45 AM yesterday when I set out from my home en route to the other side of the state, the city of Grand Junction, CO.  Why?  I was going to check out the Colorado National Monument.  I'd seen its rock formations from a distance as I rode home from Montana, all the way from I-70, and it had become a destination in my mind.In a happy

  5. MSF Graduates 6 Millionth Rider
    From WebBikeWorld 6 million students have gone through the MSF RiderCourse as the program expands worldwide.

  6. 10 more days.....
    From MotorCycle Alaska Online Journals Yesterday  I spent finishing up my boxes.  I bought a powder coater and decided to try that as opposed to painting.  We'll see how that holds up on the dirt roads????  It turned out pretty nice.Today I  did the valve adjustment which BMW recommends every 6,000 miles.  It actually runs a bit smoother!  I still need a Throttle Body Sync before I leave.  I want to do all I can to save gas.  Its pretty expensive up there. Today I also made some holders for my camp fuel that I

  7. International Female Riders Month: Spotlight on Sarah Schilke
    From Motorcycle Misadventures Today in 31 Days of Women in Motorcycling of inspiring, influential, and important women Sharah Schilke is in the spotlight. Sarah aka SuperSarah is an avid street rider and MSF instructor turned amateur AMA District 37 desert and motocross racer. She has ridden and worked in the motorcycle industry for...

  8. International Female Riders Month: Spotlight on Joanne Donn
    From Motorcycle Misadventures Joanne Donn aka GearChic is in today's spotlight in this 31 Days of Women in Motorcycling series. Joanne works part time as an MSF RiderCoach and at Scuderia West, a KTM/Aprilia/Kymco/Victory dealer in San Francisco, selling apparel. In 2007, Joanne noticed that there were plenty of websites that will show...

  9. Oxford United: UPDATE
    From Sideblog David Aldana in the pits with Suzuki's Boastie and Tim Neave. David rode Boastie's beautiful 450 framer.It was too hectic for me to get any action shots, but I'll post them when they turn up. I've never seen so many photographers and video teams.Aldana wasn't over to do a few demo laps. He was racing Europe's fastest (and not so fastest). He was great, and yes, he wore skeleton leathers. Aldana T-shirts and posters went down well. Get yours at the Sideburn webshop.Jacapo Monti and his friend/mechanic Ulderico drove from

  10. Riding in Colorado with the Master
    From Scooter in the Sticks This is Charlie6, author of Redleg's Rides, my host for a couple days of unexpected riding in Colorado. Anyone who's followed his blog knows a few things about him:1. As much as he can he rides all year through all kinds of weather.2. Riding takes him far afield and into the Rocky Mountains.3. He racks up miles -- over 60 thousand in the last three years.4. There's little boasting in his writing.5. Unless you search carefully you can't quite tell who's behind the helmet.

  11. Riding Out of Winter
    From Scooter in the Sticks With morning temperatures consistently near 40F and above the ride to work is effortless. The chore of putting on a lot of gear to insulate from the cold is in the rear view mirror. And the extra time allows me to take more leisurely and relaxing routes to work. The above picture was made on a lane crossing one of Penn State's farms on Friday morning. Often the gates are closed when cattle or horses are put out to pasture.Tremendous clouds and piercing light this morning

  12. 2010 Yokohama Show. Gas Tank Paint Job Contest.
    From Cyril Huze Blog... I let you find out which art is from a Japanese artist. Easy…(Photography by official Mooneyes photographer Shogo Nakao) This is a content summary only. Click on headlines for full links, images, other content and more!

  13. Can You Learn To Ride On A Street Triple?
    From The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour One of the things I really wish I could do is answer the questions people use to get to my blog from Google. Perhaps I should add a banner on my blog: Hey You! Got a Question? Email me!Anyway, one of the recent questions I found in my stats was "Can I use a Street Triple to learn to ride?"The short answer is: Yes, but please don't.The long answer is: You can learn to ride on anything. You could learn to ride on an race-prepared R1. But, you

  14. Yavapai Downs Mile photos
    From Sideblog Your new champion: Jake Johnson.Sammy won the Dash for Cash.Joe Kopp was very nearly Grand National Champion in a season that's seen him alternate between Ducati and Harley twins. This is the Duke.PJ Jacobsen was 9th in the Main making a great move up to the premier class. He'll be a national number next season.The fastest woman in flat track, Nichole Cheza (though she didn't make the Main this weekend).Pro Singles champion Jeffrey Carver.The start. JR Schnabel made the front row on a Suzuki.Three abreast> Looks like Mees, Bonsey and

  15. Another Long Day, another Sunset Ride
    From Redleg's Rides Today I was awakened at 03:12 AM by a voice from Sungard's India operations center saying network stuff was down and could I help.  Again, they'd failed to raise the primary oncall engineer and so it was my "chance to excel" as my Army mentors used to say to me when handing out especially nasty missions.Suffice to say I ended up on the phone and online for the next 12 hours or so, dealing with the non-critical crisis and my regular work.  Still, got a lot done and learned a

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