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  1. Mud Crab Snaps (pm)
    From Sideblog Tall stories from Co BuiltWonderful lazer etched wooden CFH trophies'Best Bike' - Rotax chop tracker odd-ball.'Furthest Traveled by Bike' - London by Sam Christmas.'Best Jacket' Max's Aldana jacket. BP

  2. India: Triumph Motorcycles Finally Ready To Hit The Market
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane #Triumph #India - It has taken the English Triumph Motorcycles longer than expected to enter the lucrative market of India, one year delay. According to Triumph, they will begin operating in India in November this year. After a false start, dumping the proposed assembly plant in Bengaluru, they now plan to assemble the British made motorcycles in Haryana. To run the Indian operation, Triumph have hired away the former General Manager Sales of Bajaj and made him Managing Director. ...

  3. Stampede 8, The Route
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue      The evening before the start of Stampede 8, Charlie the Nomad passed out copies of the route.  Simply stated, the route went from Tokeland, WA to Green Bay, WI via Highway 12, a winding secondary road.  Then turned south through Chicago and hit Highway 50 south of Indianapolis, IN.  The route followed Highway 50 through small towns east to Washington, DC and on to Annapolis, MD. From there south to Pinebluff, NC.     Paul Corey, from West Virginia, won.  His time was an impressive 69 hours and 25

  4. Stampede 8 Results
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue 1.      Paul Corey                         69:252.      Chris Schreiber                  79:503.      Rich Allen                          82:204.      Jared Stoker                      86:005.      Jay Jacobs                        89:006.      Kris DeBaer                       91:287.      Frank Dotson                 

  5. You never know where you?ll come across a motorcycle
    From On Two Wheels Back when I was just a kid in short pants one of my hobbies was stamp collecting. At the time Canada?s stamps were usually a monochromatic picture of the Queen overprinted with the word Canada and the denomination. Boring, especially to a 10-year-old. So I focused more on the stamps from lesser known countries that had interesting and colourful pictures of birds, animals, cars, and so on on their stamps. My collection never amounted to much and I stopped collecting after a few years. However I have always retained some

  6. 1931 Henderson KJ ? Jay Leno?s Garage
    From The Jockey Journal Although they often go unnoticed in the Harley Indian wars, Henderson motorcycles were the largest and fastest motorcycles of their time, widely favored by cops and speed demons.

  7. Era Extraña
    From MOTOLIAM - A Cog in the Machine This afternoon's listening; Era Extraña from Neon Lights. NPR wrote a nice little blurb here Eras end above us Eras end above us I see the headlight halo I see the headlight halo Eras end above us Eras end above us I see the headlight halo I see the headlight halo

  8. Mason jar Madness.
    From Jacqui Van Ham - Vintage Motorcycles This winter has been busy traveling, working the IMS Shows focusing on photography, and building in the workshop…. For the past year I have been addicted to collecting and hunting vintage Ball Mason jars; specifically the Pale Blue jars made in Muncie, Indiana from 1900-1940. After amassing/hoarding quite a collection of them, I found myself [...]

  9. Andrew Wheeler, AutoMotoPhoto and MotoGP. Part3 Catching Up.
    From AutoMotoPhoto Some of you who are "Likers" on the Andrew Wheeler - AutoMotoPhoto page here on Facebook would have seen or viewed the individual rider galleries I put together to keep us warm and interested over those cold winter nights...(doesn't that sound all squishy warm and fuzzy?) Well, I figured that not everyone is on Facebook, and so they're worth sharing here.  I'll most likely be adding a few more to the Facebook page between now and Qatar just to get people in the mood for the new season, but in

  10. 2012 Dealer Expo This Weekend!
    From WebBikeWorld February in Indianapolis means all the new motorcycle gear for 2012 will be released!

  11. New Brembo Master Cylinder And Brake Caliper
    From Cyril Huze Blog... In 2 weeks, Brembo will release a series of new braking products. For motorcycle dealers only, the company will host a press conference at the 2012 Dealer Expo in Indianapolis. The press conference is to introduce several new products for Custom Bikes, includingg a new... This is a content summary only. Click on headlines for full links, images, other content and more!

  12. V-Twin Expo. February 4-6, 2012
    From Cyril Huze Blog... Many things have already been said about the rivalry between the 12th edition of Cincinnati V-Twin Expo by Easyriders (Feb. 4-6) and the inaugural Indianapolis V-Twin dealer Show by Advanstar (Feb. 17-19) to attract exhibitors and visiting dealers. In this competition for... This is a content summary only. Click on headlines for full links, images, other content and more!

  13. Royal Enfield Dirt Track racer
    From Sideblog Based on the same Classic 500 as our project, this beauty shows more potential of the latest, electric start Indian-built singles. We saw this bike a while ago, but caught up with it again via Motorcycle Photo of the Day. I've nicked this whole explanation from MPOTD, so go check them out. Some great bikes over there.This was built by Doug Douglas Motorcycles of San Bernadino, Ca. GThe bike you?re talking about is our prototype for a streettracker that we are making parts for. This is something that?s been in

  14. India: Army Day 2012 Motorcycle Stunts
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane It looks like all the rehearsals for the Indian Army Day 2012 has paid off. ...

  15. India Motorcycle Market. The New World?s Fancy
    From Cyril Huze Blog... Some updates about our 2 US based brands, Harley-Davidson and Victory, and their strategies in India. Harley-Davidson. Currently about 36% of Harley-Davidson’s sales come from outside the US. Indian is the main focus to increase this percentage to 40% by 2014. So,... This is a content summary only. Click on headlines for full links, images, other content and more!

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