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  1. Is a scaled-down motorcycle rally better than no rally?
    From Motorcycle Misadventures Rick at Keep The Rubber Side Down reports that one of the largest rallies in the country, the Honda Hoot, was aborted, as was the Riders Rally 35 scheduled for mid-April, and the Hollister Independence Rally, too. "The discontinuation of these motorcycle rallies is a bad idea!" he writes, arguing...

  2. Summer recap .....
    From Sniper's Biker Blog Hi fellow bikers ?.. I know it?s been a while since my last post.It?s late November and we had our first snowfall yesterday. I winterized the bike a few days ago, Seafoam in the tank, rubbed a light coating of lube on exposed metal parts, hooked up the battery tender and have it sitting on a ?PepsX? stand to keep the wheels off of the ground. Also put some steel wool in the pipe ends and air intake to keep the mice out and aired up the tires. I put

  3. Honda Hoot ....
    From Sniper's Biker Blog Wow ? what a HOOT!! Honda Hoot that is. Had a great trip to Knoxville, TN for the Honda Hoot last week. Rode about a 1,000 miles in and around Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina. Two words sum up this region of the country ? Biker Nirvana.If you own a Motorcycle, regardless of type, you have to ride The Tail Of The Dragon (318 Curves ? 11 Miles). Also, made a trip over to Maggie Valley, NC to visit The Wheels Through Time Museum. All American Made Motorcycles

  4. Summer Trips ???
    From Sniper's Biker Blog Ok ? who has major bike trips planned for the Summer? Americade, Bike Week Myrtle Beach, Coloradicle, Sturgis??.. etc. What are they and will this be your first trip to this location or have you been before? What do you do to get ready or how much research do you do before the trip or do you do it on the fly because you like Surprises? Camp or Motel? Ride the scoot or trailer it? Superslab or back roads? Just a few questions ?.. as stated in one of my

  5. Hi Blog World ...... Newbe here
    From Sniper's Biker Blog Ok ? so I?m sitting here bored out of my mind when I decided to do a Google search on ?Motorcycle Blogs?. Since I love to ride and just returned to the Motorcycle scene after a 20 year hiatus / vacation. I thought to myself?. Hmmm why not start my own Blog about my adventures in Motorcycling. When did my passion for Motorcycles begin you might ask??? I think I was about 7 or 8 years old when a friend of my Dad?s came over on a shiny BSA. He

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