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  1. For Father's Day: The Bucksnort
    From Christine's Corner A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to get out and ride the beautiful roads of Colorado. Destination: The Bucksnort Saloon in Sphinx Park, Colorado. Located right out side of Pine, CO and Hwy 285, the Bucksnort is a great afternoon motorcycle ride. From Colorado Springs, it is a ride UP to The Bucksnort--the altitude is over 7,000 feet! From the Springs, our little group of 8 or 9 headed West on Hwy 24. It's always a fun jaunt that takes us up through Ute Pass and through Woodland Park.

  2. How to Get Your Head Around Cold Weather Riding
    From Scooter in the Sticks How often do you stop along the road to look.  To see.   I ride a lot but I look a lot too.  The fog hanging over the hills, the color of the leaves in the early morning light, the puddles of water that glow at my feet. It's quiet and I'm the only one stirring. There's too much to see (and photograph) and experience for me to stop riding when it gets cold.  While many, if not most, riders hand up their jacket when the thermometer dips below 60F, or worse,

  3. No Hopers Poker Run
    From Cruising Down Under Every year I look forward to the No Hopers Poker Run. It's held in September and those hillbillies certainly know their way around the country roads. Their clubhouse is up on the Hampton Range and most of them live around the Esk, Hampton, Ipswich, Crows Nest areas, so riding around those roads is second nature to them.Their run gets around 100-200 bikes each year and even though this year the weather wasn't perfect, with gusty wind, there was still a great turn up. They met at the

  4. Thank You Fairfield Illinois! Stampede 2011 last leg
    From Guilty Customs Note: This is the final installment from Harold Grissom about his experience participating in the 2011 Stampede. Last I left you, I had broken down in Fairfield, Illinois after dodging tornadoes. Ends up that Fairfield was a good bit off the beaten path of Hwy 50 due to my having to take country roads as [...]

  5. Slip slidin? away.
    From On Two Wheels For some reason we northerners insist on being able to drive like it?s mid-summer, even in the depths of winter. And for that reason the authorities apply road salt by the tonne from December through March. (The other reason being, of course, it?s a conspiracy by the auto industry so their cars rot out after 7 or 8 years and need to be replaced more often than would otherwise be necessary.) Fortunately there are some islands of sanity, including our township which doesn?t use salt in our area. The

  6. Windswept Plains Ride
    From Redleg's Rides Yesterday afternoon, the sun was out, temperatures were in the high 40s to mid 50s and so I went riding on Natasha after having "waterproofed" her ignition coil.It was quite windy with gusts into the 40+ mph range I am sure.  It was mostly coming from the North so I could feel Natasha being pushed by the winds whenever I rode in an easterly or westerly direction.  Still, she handles wind much better than when I am on two wheels.  Sure, there's pushing motion on the motorcycle but no worries

  7. Today, the grass smells a little greener
    From Sojourn Chronicles The ride was not particularly long. Nor was it short. It was just long enough to get a little exhilaration and a moment or two of serenity in the saddle cruising down country roads. On the way through town, a freshly mowed landscape laid ahead of me. I saw it first, and then my nose confirmed [...] Related posts:Road to joy We’re home; I have a lot to say

  8. France: Biker Tapes His Speeding, Looses Camera, Cops Find It
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane A French biker decide to tape himself speeding on his Triumph Daytona motorcycle. He went out and bought a video camera, installed it, and raced on the country roads. But... he lost his camera. Lucky for him, it was found. Unlucky for him, it was found by the cops. To make matters worse, he went back to look for the most camera, where the cops were waiting for him. Not only has he lost his camera, but also his motorcycle and has a date with the courts. ...

  9. Riding the snowy eastern plains
    From Redleg's Rides Late start for me today, the plan had been to ride over to the Boulder area and see what sights presented themselves. On the way out of my home neighborhood though, I noticed my bicycle speedometer which I've been using to "supplement" the Ural's speedometer was not working.It was cold, in the upper 20s so the Ural's speedometer was doing its usual "windshield wiper" dance leaving me unable to tell how fast I was going. I thought to continue on but ended up stopping at the Denver Tech

  10. Carter Lake, Nederland & Left Hand Canyon
    From Excessivelocity I haven?t been on a motorcycle in a month. And I haven?t been on the 954RR even longer than that. The plan for today was to ride a road I haven't been on yet, Left Hand Canyon Road, a great motorcycle road west of Boulder.CJ took this one on 18E at the Pinewood Reservoir The weather was nice at 9AM when CJ and I met for the ride. From my place in Loveland we headed southwest toward Carter Lake. There was a road out here too that I haven?t been

  11. Legal Ruckus
    From 40 on 2 The Mighty Ruckus has left the building. For the fair and lovely Debbie and her 50cc Ruckus there will be no more midnight rides burning up the country roads surrounding our little town. No more edging ever closer to being a 1%er and blasting down another stretch of lonely highway with 'Born To Be Wild" raging from her I-Pod headphones as the Ruckus engine thunders it's menacing four stroke music at the still night. No more infuriating local farmers with a moonlight cow tipping raid.

  12. Cows in the Mist!
    From Redleg's Rides Today's blog title was inspired by Dian Fossey's "Gorillas in the Mist" book title.I was riding to work along a new "back way" to get to and from Denver International Airport. I learned of it yesterday from a co-worker and its not only much emptier in terms of cagers but it cuts down my commute to DIA by two miles!The route is two lane country roads, paved (albeit a bit roughly at times), and usually no one around.This morning, the temperatures were in the high 40s and foggy.

    From Five Hundred Miles... This was supposed to be a story about a ride along two hundred miles of Route 30, the Lincoln Highway, one of the nation's first cross country roads. It isn't. It was supposed be about Gettysburg and the history of travel in the early 20th century... Of country roads... That go on forever through an America that no longer exists AND THEN I STOPPED AT SHANKSVILLE FOR PHOTOS I'm on route 30 Westbound, twenty five miles west of Bedford, at an otherwise nondescript interseciton with Lambertsville Road, a simple sign pointed left, to the

  14. Riding now: Ducati Monster S4R
    From Guzzi Breva Weblog Now that the summer has really hits these shores, the Norge has become too hot to ride: I'm just too well protected against any air stream, even when riding on fast country roads. I hate the idea of riding without...

  15. Am I In Vancouver?
    From Biker Chick Motorcycle Diaries I feel like I've been teleported to Vancouver where they had over 40 straight days of rain last summer. Every day I get up and it's raining again - not hard; just enough to be annoying. It's been raining now for seven full days with the weatherman promising a possible break in the rain tomorrow but going back at it on the weekend.I love my hometown but rain for a straight seven days does make me a little antsy. How do the people who live in Vancouver

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