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  1. Baby Needs New Boots
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue While doing some maintenance I found a rear shock absorber boot had torn. The bike has just over 60,000 miles and things are starting to wear out, so I check things often. Naturally, the local HD Dealership told me to buy new shocks because they don't sell the boots separately from the shock. A few days later I stopped in at Xtreme Custom Iron, in Rohnert Park, California. It was the first time I had been in the shop but the owner Doran Benson treated me like a king.He showed

  2. Life and Death in the Old West
    From Ray's Motorcycle Diary - A motorcycle travelogue Calistoga sure doesn't look like the old west anymore. There are wineries, vineyards and restaurants. Mercedes-Benz and BMW's seem to be the primary mode of travel, but there was a time when Calistoga was part of the old west....One of my favorite rides is the Silverado Trail from Napa to Calistoga. After a great spring ride, Marie and I stopped at Buster's Barbeque for lunch. After lunch we stopped at the Pioneer Cemetery, just west of Calistoga on Hwy 28. We located the grave marker of Bud Philpott. Here is

  3. Benson Sculpture Park, Loveland, CO
    From Excessivelocity We had more snow. I decided to take a walk through Benson Sculpture Park a few blocks away from where I live. It?s my favorite place in Loveland.

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