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Twisted Wrist - Show 29

From Twisted Wrist - Motorcycle Podcast
Posted on Sun Jul 1 21:02:11 PDT 2007

The Twisted Wrist Show 29 for June 23, 2007.Comments to twistedwrist@gmail.com or 1(206)20-BIKE-8.You host learns how to fly the hard way, losing his bike, and nearly his life, in the process.Two corrections to be made:1. The car was a Nissan, not a VW.2. It also looks like I only went 15 feet, not 50. N.B. That's why I'll take one ounce of hard facts (photos) over eye-witness testimony (me, the victim) any day.Photos of crash: http://www.pbase.com/timothypilgrim/rip_poseidon&page=allDownload Show 29 Length: 27:07Size: 18.62 MB
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