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Throttle Back and Live*

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Posted on Thu Jun 9 12:52:00 PDT 2011

CopyrightŠ 2011 by Ralph Couey *Somerset, PA  Daily American June 18, 2011 as "Throttle back, live"?Write me up for 125Post my face, wanted dead or aliveTake my license and all that jiveI...Can?t?Drive?55!?--Sammy Hagar Motorcycling, for all of its joys is an inherently dangerous activity. The most common of those hazards are well-known to riders:  ˇ        Failure to yield:  When another vehicle turns left across a rider?s path, pulling out from a side street or driveway, or changing lanes.ˇ        Sudden Stops:  A vehicle slows or stops suddenly in the traffic lane in response to a
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