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  1. Diagnosis: Gilberts Syndrome. That explains everything.
    From sorry mate i didn't see you After nearly four years and numerous procedures my latest hospital trip is going to be my last for a while now. Not much point me going every three months to be weighed, drained of blood and told nothing has changed when they couldn't do much about it if it had. Better to leave that sort of thing to my GP apparently. It's up to me now to look after myself and make sure I don't have to repeat this wonderful experience. Hmmm, that'll be a good incentive then. The problem is
  2. Last picture post
    From sorry mate i didn't see you ... for a little while anyway. Don't want to bore you all! Anyway, Renthal bars and Motrax mirrors are now in place. Aside from the fact the bike is now starting to look nasty, the riding postion has been improved and visibilty behind me is 100% better, especially at speed. I'm now slighter further forward over the wheel and can tuck in better without those hideous old mirrors right in my face.
  3. New bitz
    From sorry mate i didn't see you Got a few new bits on the bike now. Official Kwak screen and seat cowl, a Tail Tidy International tail tidy with mini indicators, tarty rimstripes and a starter motor cover. Only things left to do now are fit the gold Renthal ultralow bars and bar end mirrors I picked up this week. Now i've replaced the small barge known as my rear mudguard it really has accentuated the length of the standard Kawasaki end can. So I have a cunning plan. The very nice people at MTC do a rather
  4. Quick update
    From sorry mate i didn't see you I am still about. Even got a couple of posts planned shortly. Bike had its 600 mile service last Thursday (with 750 showing on the clock) and is now boasting a Kwak genuine screen and seat hump (pictures will follow, Mad before you ask). Mileage currently sitting at just over 1000. Tail tidy to go on this weekend, got my eye on a set of gold Renthal ultra-lows with bar-end mirrors then the 'look' of the bike is sorted. Other plans include ZXR636 rear shock and fork transplant and a
  5. Supermassive Extravagnza
    From sorry mate i didn't see you There is one band I have wanted to see live from the first time I heard them and Muse's new album, 'Blackholes & Revelations' has just made that urge itch even more. If you're not familiar with the sounds of Teignmouths finest then I suggest you pick up 'Blackholes' now and be ready for some serious rock. Imagine Thom Yorke at his most existential joining forces with Queen at their most operatic and you'd be about halfway to understanding the sound of Muse. Huge guitar solos full of feedback and
  6. Well, you asked for it.
    From sorry mate i didn't see you After the overwhelming response from both my readers here are some more hol pics. The old Venetian fort that overlooks Kassiopi harbour. Me wishing i'd bought a decent camera loaded with that roll of IR film i've got sitting in the fridge. Why would anyone clamber over sharp rocks to reach a pebble beach this small? To swim in water this blue! That's your lot for Corfu folks. But while your here you might as well check these out. Apparently people are interested. Oh Yeah! Current revs: 6000rpm Current top speed: 80mph Current miles: 406 First service booked in
  7. Olly Day - The Review.
    From sorry mate i didn't see you What can I say. Seven day in Sunny Corfu. Temperatures hit 44 Celcius. The food was mostly lovely. The resort was just the right size. The appartment was basic but clean. The hill up to the appartment was steep but short. We would go there again. We won't be going with the in-laws though. 50cc quads are very slow and bloody hard work. Here are some pictures. The hill. The Resort from the top of another hill. I would like to say this last one has been deliberately blurred to conceal my secret
  8. Life, the Universe & Everything
    From sorry mate i didn't see you 42. That's the ultimate answer, everyone knows this but debate still rages about the question. OK, so I wasn't sitting in a Cafe in Rickmansworth, but on Satuday morning at about 11.30am I had an epiphany. I now know what the question actually is! What speed in mph will you be travelling if your brand new Kawasaki Z750 is in top gear and showing 3000rpm maximum as recommended by your dealer? There you go, told you I knew the answer. 42mph. Everywhere. Including dual carriageways. For 50 bloody miles! I had a caravan-towing Honda getting impatient behind
  9. Things to do if you're not going to watch the footie
    From sorry mate i didn't see you For those amongst you who haven't stumbled across it yet I can recommend bikepics.com as a good way to waste a few hours. As the name suggests it's a site ful of bike pics posted by its members. Want to see what other people have done to your model of bike? Chances are it's here somewhere. They also have a featured picture of the day, this'ns from last week. Can't work out whether he's about to bin it or he's just a shit-hot motard rider.
  10. Olly Day
    From sorry mate i didn't see you Like the special edition look to the blog? Phoned up yesterday to get my reg number and got told the bike is in!! Unfortunately i've got a week in Corfu to get through from tomorrow before i get my grubbies on my new beast. Never thought i'd be wishing for a holiday to be over before i've even got there! Mind you, a week in Greece is certainly appealing at the moment. Only real downer is i've booked off the same time as Mockney*. *Mental note to self; to maximise time
  11. Does God know?
    From sorry mate i didn't see you This is just fucking incredible. Someone needs to sort these fuckwit lunatics out and soon. I'm speechless with rage!
  12. Still here.........Just
    From sorry mate i didn't see you Work has gone ballistic the same as last year. This time though i'm determined not to pull the plug on the blog, posts might just be few and far between for a while. Some news though. The 'Cat is being replaced with this: About 45 minutes ago I put in my order for a BRAND NEW baby Zed courtesy of the guys at Seastar Superbikes. And yes it's orange (or Pearl Blazing Orange to give it it's full title)! Should be ready for me to pick up the day we get
  13. Driving Standards Agency - Warning
    From sorry mate i didn't see you Normal service will be resumed shortly. In the meantime Motorider has received this memo from the DSA: "In order to assist other motorists in identifying potentially dangerous drivers, it's now compulsory for anyone with a lower than average IQ and/or driving ability to display a warning flag. The flag (comprising of a red cross on a white background) will be attached to the top of at least one door of their vehicle. For drivers of exceptionally low ability, additional flags are required." Be careful out there!
  14. Questions I'd like to ask Mockney if he had a sense of humour #2
    From sorry mate i didn't see you Why do you always say, 'I'm on the dog & bone' when 'I'm on the phone' is: A) Quicker and B) Makes you sound a bit less of a prat?
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