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  1. 2012 Sardinia Rally 07 -- Lyndon Poskitt in-depth
    From Motocast Lyndon rings in with an in-depth followup to his earlier call, including insight on his mental approach to the race, and some pearls on roadbook preparation among other topics. Thanks for letting us inside the helmet, Lyndon!
  2. 2012 Sardinia Rally 06 -- Lyndon's close call
    From Motocast Lyndon calls in after having had a very close call on today's stage. Lucky to be uninjured, he brought the bike home (in surprisingly good time), but the team have work to do tonight. One more stage to go, bring it home safe, Lyndon!
  3. 2012 Sardinia Rally 05 -- Lyndon's third day
    From Motocast Lyndon rings in on the way to bed down for the night after a shortened day three. The second special of the day (SS6) was cancelled due to wildfires in the area. Big day on tap tomorrow, with just one special but over 180km of racing from the 300+ km day. It took him over 3hrs to do the roadbook for the stage! He's been having problems with his right hand due to bike vibration, hopefully the team can sort a solution overnight. Sleep well, Lyndon. We'll look forward to hearing
  4. 2012 Sardinia Rally 04 -- Lyndon's second day
    From Motocast Lyndon calls in after the tough second day of the Sardinia rally, having learned a valuable nav lesson (read: learned the hard way) on how he was marking his roadbook. Apart from that, no significant issues and certainly making good on his intent to gain experience in the subtleties of rallye. He's looking forward to tomorrow -- keep it steady, Lyndon! Check out Lyndon's facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/LyndonPoskittRacing and his thread on ADVrider: http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=777301 
  5. 2012 Sardinia Rally 03 -- Lyndon Poskitt's first stage
    From Motocast Lyndon calls in after his first stage of his first FIM rally. Every bit of a challenge, he's seeing his strategy of entering a rally prior to Dakar paying dividends already. Keep it steady, Pyn!
  6. 2012 Sardinia Rally 02 -- Lyndon Poskitt
    From Motocast Lyndon calls in after scrutineering and preparing his roadbook at the Sardinia Rally. Ready to go despite a scare in the parking area!
  7. 2012 Sardinia Rally 01 -- Lyndon Poskitt
    From Motocast Lyndon calls in after his arrival in Sardinia. Prep has gone well, nothing left now but to get on with it! Check out Lyndon's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LyndonPoskittRacing and his thread on ADVrider: http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=777301 
  8. 2012 Dakar 26 -- Behind the ASO media curtain with Ben Constanduros
    From Motocast (Photo credit: benconstanduros.com) We get an insider's look "behind the curtain" where the ASO produces the video feed for the Dakar Rally with BenConstanduros. If you've ever marveled at the stunning images from the rally, you'll be amazed by the logistics required to get them worldwide from a race day that spans hundreds of kilometers. If you've ever been frustrated by what's been show (or hasn't been shown), insight, too, on that. Thanks, Ben! Hardcore Rallye Tragics, don't miss this one. You can follow Ben on twitter @BenConsty, or check out his
  9. 2012 Dakar 25 -- A view from the team truck
    From Motocast (Photo of Tim courtesy Ted Johnson) Ted Johnson chats with us after the Dakar rally, giving us an inside view of the bivouac from the back seat of Rally PanAm's team truck. Even if you don't have the stuff to compete, you can get inside the rally in a way you never dreamed possible by buying in to a team seat. This could be one expensive call in, for the die hard fans listening. You've been warned.
  10. 2012 Dakar 24 -- Ned Suesse, The Wrap Up
    From Motocast We last heard from Ned with a brief voicemail after the finish. We were finally able to catch up with him for a full interview from the airport in Miami on his way home today. Welcome back to the US of A, Ned. You've done us proud. Very proud. Grab a few beers (or coffee's, if you're at work -- dont' worry, we won't tell the boss) and listen in to get answers to the questions many of you have asked. A few surprising revelations, and more detail than a
  11. 2012 Dakar 23 -- Ned Suesse, Dakar finisher!
    From Motocast Dakar finisher's medal in hand, Ned calls us with a quick update from the hotel following the podium presentations. Congrats, Ned. Goal met. Can't wait to hear what it feels like once that thought has firmly sunk in.
  12. NedPodium.3gp
    From Motocast Ned on the finish podium
  13. 2012 Dakar 22 -- Neduro on the Penultimate Stage12
    From Motocast Another great interactive chat with Ned from the bivouac after the penultimate stage, stage 13. Tomorrow's stage is a liaison and then largely ceremonial special into the finish in Lima. Almost in, Ned!
  14. 2012 Dakar 21 -- Stan Watt 2nd half
    From Motocast (Photo credit: Webventure) Stan calls in after stage 13, just one more short 29km special and a moderate liaison to go before the finish podium in Lima. Stan's had a solid run in the second half, and is philosophical about the way his first half went. Cheers, Stan!
  15. 2012 Dakar 06 -- Neduro Stage 3
    From Motocast Ned calls in after stage 3, a stage that other riders have said is "the most technical they've seen on a rally". Big news for the front runners today, while Ned keeps riding his ride. Photo Courtesy CVestal (during training) P
  16. 2012 Dakar 05 -- Bivouac chat with Ned
    From Motocast Had a great 20 minute conversation with Ned from the Bivouac tonight. Catch up with all the details from his rally thus far, with typical Ned insight. Grab a beer and pull up a chair.
  17. 2012 Dakar 04 -- Ned Suesse, first one in the books
    From Motocast Ned calls in after a monster transit (nearly 700km in total) following his first competitive Dakar stage. Ever cerebral, he listened to a book on tape and watched other riders squirm while his Renazco saddle cushioned his tush in comfort.  Hopefully Ned is getting his beauty sleep tonight, and keeping the "snowball small", as Charlie would say. Fun fun.
  18. 2012 Dakar 03 -- Ned Suesse takes the ceremonial start
    From Motocast Ned calls in after the ceremonial start, including the story of his monster wheelie down the ramp. Ned dials us in on what it feels like to be on the cusp of an event like the Dakar. Go Ned, Go!
  19. 2012 Dakar 02 -- Ned Suesse on Dakar Eve part 2
    From Motocast Part 2 of Ned's call from the eve of the rally.
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