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  1. Ultimate Factories Ford F150 Premieres Saturday, February 4th!
    From Twisting Asphalt Just a quick DVR reminder! Two weekends from now on Saturday, February 4th, ‘Ultimate Factories Ford F-150? airs for the first time on The National Geographic Channel at 8 PM ET/PT. Watching a Raptor do it’s thing is pretty awesome Hope everyone enjoys! ULTIMATE FACTORIES: FORD F150 Saturday, February 4th, 2012, at 8 PM ET/PT ...
  2. Ultimate Factories Porsche Panamera Premieres Sat @ 8 PM on Nat Geo
    From Twisting Asphalt It’s been a long time since I last had a chance to post on the ‘ol blog — I was simply terrible about writing stuff last year… But one of my new years resolutions is to endeavor to write more this coming year about what’s been going on… And there’s never a better reason to ...
  3. Soar
    From Twisting Asphalt There’s an ache in the side and a kink in the neck, a twinge in the knee and a soreness that won’t escape me. My body feels decrepit, my mind strung out on a million different to-do lists. Physically I feel well past beat and yet as the sun rises there’s a desperate pull coming ...
  4. Next ? Porsche Panamera
    From Twisting Asphalt It’s both quite early in the morning and remarkably late for me. The body clock feeling so confused that whether I’m watching sunsets or sunrises matters little. The overall feeling is simply one of total physical exhaustion. Yet it’s a grand type of total exhaustion. Because it comes from the work & the knowledge that ...
  5. LA Lift
    From Twisting Asphalt A cloudy day is creeping in as I crack away on the keys in a city that I used to know so well. Like the …
  6. Serenity Rises
    From Twisting Asphalt A blue blacktop of never-ending daylight screams across the horizon line as the machine?s pulse rises and falls in an endless cycle of movement. Rubber …
  7. Oh Germany How I Dig Thee
    From Twisting Asphalt There are few countries that I’ve had the distinct pleasure to visit which hold my heart quite like Germany does. Perhaps it’s the sense of …
  8. Coming Soon ? F150 Raptor Love
    From Twisting Asphalt As auto tv docs go, I’m pretty excited about this one… Can’t thank the team enough, they did an excellent job in one of the …
  9. Hills
    From Twisting Asphalt …And it’s banging… Corner by corner, turn by turn, the bend of the asphalt and the rise of the road. The way your heartbeat races. …
  10. Crashing Waves
    From Twisting Asphalt The Raptor lifts. It?s claws out. And it?s eyes down. Always on the hunt. Forever moving with the landscape and rising above the trees. Rising …
  11. Macro Tests
    From Twisting Asphalt Canon EF 50mm f/2.5 CompactMacro Flickr gallery after the jump…
  12. March Motorcycle Camera Test Footage
    From Twisting Asphalt Some recent test footage shot on a Canon T2i with a 35mm f/2 & a Go Pro HD action camera…
  13. Tick Tock
    From Twisting Asphalt I?m standing on the edge and staring out at an endless possibility. The grandeur of one more endless daybreak. A vista that encompasses the sea …
  14. The Sweep of the Soil
    From Twisting Asphalt There?s a sweep to the soil as it rises. Hills, that evolve from small specks of dirt, raise their hands upwards towards the sky. Grasping …
  15. Ultimate Factories Mercedes Benz SLS AMG premieres this Thursday @ 10pm on Nat Geo
    From Twisting Asphalt Exciting stuff… This Thursday night one of the shows I directed last year premieres! ‘Ultimate Factories Mercedes Benz SLS AMG? airs for the first time …
  16. Ultimate Factories Dodge Viper premieres this Thursday @ 10pm on Nat Geo
    From Twisting Asphalt This Thursday evening another of the Ultimate Factories episodes that I directed last year airs — Ultimate Factories Dodge Viper premieres on The National Geographic …
  17. Ultimate Factories: Maserati premieres this Thursday @ 10pm
    From Twisting Asphalt Just a quick reminder, the first of three Ultimate Factories episodes that we produced for The National Geographic Channel premieres this week… ULTIMATE FACTORIES: MASERATI Thursday, February 10, 2011, at 10 PM ET/PT ULTIMATE FACTORIES: DODGE VIPER Thursday, February 17, 2011, at 10 PM ET/PT … ULTIMATE FACTORIES: MERCEDES BENZ Thursday, February 24, 2011, at 10 PM ET/PT
  18. When a Day Decides
    From Twisting Asphalt The coffee is warm as I watch the waves come crashing. Sunlight hunts and pecks its way forward. Drizzles rays in-between the hallucinogenic stratosphere and wraps its very hands around the beginnings of yet another day. A newspaper rests between the thumb and forefinger, as silverware clicks and clatters while plates are set down. [...]
  19. Kinda like Kanan? but Better
    From Twisting Asphalt Every so often you think to yourself there?s a moment here. A moment you can really believe in. A corner to grind. A curve to conquer. A straight away to blast down at top speed. It?s a thought that seems so true that it shoots right through you and hits the very core of your own personal humanity, [...]
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