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  1. New spring means new bikes
    From Routa MC The spring is trying to enter in Finland after the ultra-brief two-week winter we had. As usual, this means lots of motorcycle-related activity. This year some bike changes have happened too: Bergie has now a Royal Enfield, while Juha rides his old Triumph. People nearby this group have also interesting new bikes including a sidecar Dniepr... Technorati Tags: motorcycle
  2. Review: Finding accommodation in Europe via eurobookings
    From Routa MC One principle in the Routa MC style of motorcycle travel is getting around without much advance planning. This means that every day some time is spent trying to find accommodation. In small towns this is generally easy - just take the first gasthaus you run into. But in more touristic places some research before arrival often makes sense. Since Routa bikers don't have the space for lugging around volumes of Lonely Planet, but are usually equipped with small, internet-connected technology, the web is a natural place to make research and possibly
  3. Spring is in the Air
    From Routa MC After some moments of despair, the spring has definitely come to Helsinki. Rambo is on the road, Juha has managed to crash Bergie's Triumph, and Skoll has his new ride:
  4. Spring snows in Helsinki
    From Routa MC As can be seen from the picture, the spring weather in Helsinki is full of snow. This will definitely push back the riding season. At least we can take comfort in the idea that either it will be The Day After Tomorrow or the snows will melt eventually. Updated Apr 9th: Snow or not, we ride. Out on the sea the ice fishers are still at work...
  5. Cape of Good Hope by scooter
    From Routa MC Read story on Death Monkeys
  6. To The Hell and Back
    From Routa MC Routa MC member Bergie has just returned to Cape Town from his trip through the burning plains of Karoo to the valley of Hell.The 2000km trip was made on a BMW 650GS Dakar and consisted of high, winding passes, empty gravel roads, river crossings and deep forests.Expect to see more in the Journals section later.
  7. New site feature: FAQ
    From Routa MC Since the Routa MC members keep receiving questions about usage of the site materials, or about different practical motorcycle travel issues, we've now set up a Frequently Asked Questions area to accommodate them. Make sure to read it before posting further questions!
  8. Death Monkey 2006 site launched
    From Routa MC Death Monkey 2006 is a 3500km Helsinki-Gibraltar rally on 50cc Honda Monkeys. The Routa MC - Suicide Surfers project now has a website running in www.deathmonkey.org: Now the site includes a blog and a discussion forum. In near future we'll also add team and route sections showcasing the locations of the contestants on a Google Map.
  9. Here come the Death Monkeys
    From Routa MC After the 3200km Paska-G:n Sprintti 2004 driven with 200eur cars from Helsinki to Hammerfest and back, the next project is now announced: Death Monkeys 2006 Death monkeys is a rally on Honda Monkey mopeds from Helsinki to Gibraltar some time in 2006. A team from Routa MC will definitely participate. Read all about Death Monkey 2006 on Suicide Surfers
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