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  1. Ireland - Road deaths in Ireland are among the highest in Europe
    From RoadMC Although speeding has become a major issue in Ireland too, they have not gone down the road of GATSO saturation yet. There are only a few fixed GATSOs and there are a few mobile GATSO vans operating around the country. Mainly speed detection is carried out by unmarked police cars and radar. You may wish to read " Road traffic speed limits in Irel ..
  2. Overview - European Speed Tickets and Police Reactions - The only complete Web reference on European speeding, speed tickets and police reactions
    From RoadMC Data on this is difficult to find: I will appreciate any hints or useful web links mailed to ROADMC . Right now, I am looking for more data on Greeece. And Finland is still a Social-Democratic Puzzle ... ( a Finn received a fine of more than 110 000? for driving with 75km/h in a 50-zone! ) Click the chart for a graphical comparison on European lic ..
  3. Download motorcycle videos - Enjoy high-res, full-screen videos any time!
    From RoadMC NEW VIDEO! Experience The Sognefjell Road in Norway - a National Norwegian Tourist Road: 40 kms from the Fjords to the highest Norwegian mountains in 13 minutes. This road may be the one of the main attractions in Norway. In majestic surroundings, high in the mountains past blue ice, jagged peaks and emerald lakes, the Sognefjell Road runs from So ..
  4. Norway - Norway has gone Norwegian when comes to the country's reaction towards drivers who violate the pathetically low speed limits.
    From RoadMC The speed limits are among Europes lowest, while the reactions are certainly Europes toughest. Motor roads with two lanes have a max speed of 100 km/h - but this is new this year, for a trial period only, and only applies to a total distance of less than 100 kms. The common speed limits outside urban areas are 60, 70 or 80 km/h. Norway is the on ..
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