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  1. Balance Your Wheels
    From Peg Monkey summary:  Balancing the wheels on your motorcycle is easier than you think. I show you how. thumbnail: 
  2. Traction Control Smaction Control Part !!
    From Peg Monkey summary:  I'm not the only one that thinks rider aids are for the feeble.. thumbnail: 
  3. Installing a Larger Tank on the Yamaha WR450F
    From Peg Monkey summary:  I show you how to install a Clarke 3.6 gallon fuel tank on a 2007 WR450F. thumbnail: 
  4. Traction Control Smaction Control
    From Peg Monkey summary:  Why traction control ruins racing. So I'm checking out some FIM superbike action, and the announcers are stumbling all over themselves talking about the traction control all the bikes now have. Fly by wire, traction control this.. anti-lock this.. Bloody Hell.
  5. 6 Miles
    From Peg Monkey As some of you might remember, a couple of years ago I pulled a calf muscle, sorry.. soleus muscle, and ended up with DVT in my left leg. It's been an annoying slow recovery. read more
  6. Redesign
    From Peg Monkey This site will be undergoing a make-over during the next few weeks. Some things may not work properly during that time.
  7. Husqvarna Breaks into Hypermoto
    From Peg Monkey Husqvarna, courtesy of BMW Motorrad, has entered the hypermoto market.read more
  8. Bultaco in 2011 Dakar Rally
    From Peg Monkey Ignacio Chivite from Barcelona Spain is going to be racing a 1978 Bultaco Frontera 370 in the 2011 Dakar Rally.read more
  9. So You Want to Ride.. Part 4 Turning
    From Peg Monkey After you've practiced braking and acceleration, then it's time to move on to turning. Turning comes naturally to some. Some people need to think about it and practice more. read more
  10. Dorsoduro 1200
    From Peg Monkey I don't read Italian, but I'm pretty sure this link is self explanatory. Looks the Aprilia Dorsodoro 1200 will soon be available. I think I know what my next will be.read more
  11. Train with a Pack
    From Peg Monkey Today's training tip is ride with a 50 pound pack on your back for 3 months. Then, go for a ride without the pack. You'll be amazed with how much faster you are.read more
  12. Red Bull Romaniacs 2010 Day 2
    From Peg Monkey read more
  13. Red Bull Romaniacs 2010 Day 1
    From Peg Monkey read more
  14. Red Bull Romaniacs 2010 Prologue
    From Peg Monkey read more
  15. Don't Skimp on Chains
    From Peg Monkey read more
  16. Neglect
    From Peg Monkey So, I seem to be neglecting this website again. Story of my life. Been wrestling with a sore leg and what now turns out to be a blood clot. Kind of sucks the enthusiasm out of me. read more
  17. Losing Trails
    From Peg Monkey There used to be a some really good riding in a town close to here.  It was an abandoned rail road bed.  A local hunting club had the right of way and would allow anybody to use the trail and all the trails that stemmed from the old rail bed.  Everybody got along.  Equestrians, 4WD, hikers, mountain bikers and dirt bikers.  Then something nasty happened.  A group of people who know best how others should live decided that it would best if only hikers and bikers had access to these
  18. Fieldsheer Radar 2 Piece Suit
    From Peg Monkey summary:  I try out the Fieldsheer Radar 2 Piece Suit. thumbnail: 
  19. Motorcycle Wheel Alignment
    From Peg Monkey Aligning motorcycle wheels when adjusting the chain is simpler than it sounds.  All you need is a string that is about three times longer than the wheelbase and two weights to hold the string tight.  In my case I've used two old cam belt bearings from my Impreza.  I have yet to see a swingarm that has accurate chain adjustment marks.  The wheel always ends up being skewed to one side.  The good thing about motorcycles is that even if the rear wheel is not perfectly in line with the
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