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  1. Kanagawa Toy Run
    From Gaijin Bikers in Japan This will be the final post in my “get the 2012 stuff out the door before the end of January 2013″ series! Every year, riders from Gaijin Riders, Japan Riders, and SBK (all active sites with real communities—far more useful and informative than this fossilized site) dress up as Santas and reindeer to bring presents [...]
  2. Wedding Run in Yokohama
    From Gaijin Bikers in Japan We used to do these all the time, but now that I’m older and most of my friends have settled down, it’s been years since I’ve had the chance to participate in one of these parades. It really is amazing to be able to share a newlywed couple’s happiness with the whole city. Congratulations, Natchan [...]
  3. Autumn Ride to Enoshima with Lin
    From Gaijin Bikers in Japan Another attempt at a gallery layout from my ride to the beach with Lin in October. That was a great day, but the silencer tearing its bolt out of the socket and falling out of my muffler on the way home created some problems.
  4. Bikes in forest light
    From Gaijin Bikers in Japan I’m just trying out some new gallery formats for the stuff I didn’t get around to uploading last year. Here’s another touring trip to Doshi no Mori last September.
  5. Yabitsu Pass
    From Gaijin Bikers in Japan Stinger and I woke up a little early a few weeks back to take a quick ride up to Yabitsu Pass in the hills of Kanagawa Prefecture (the closest ride we could find that had anything that felt like real mountain roads). Even a few hours of riding under these skies really helped clear the [...]
  6. Nishina Pass
    From Gaijin Bikers in Japan
  7. Biker Reflections: my weekend reflected in motorcycle tanks
    From Gaijin Bikers in Japan Stinger’s back, Mt. Fuji, and yours truly with the camera, all reflected in the obsidian mirror of my gas tank I just got back from another great run around the Izu peninsula, including camping, revelry with good friends, and some of the most spectacular roads in the country. The weather was so beautiful that I [...]
  8. Ride when you can
    From Gaijin Bikers in Japan As I get older, my life keeps getting better in all sorts of ways, but I often miss the spontaneous rides I used to be able to take whenever the mood hit me. With a happy family life, busy social life, and a more successful career, riding has to be planned in advance like anything [...]
  9. 11th Anniversary Touring
    From Gaijin Bikers in Japan As thrilled as I am that we can now go camping as a family on two bikes, I’ve really missed just riding with Yuri these past few years. So for our 11th wedding anniversary, we decided to leave the kids with friends and take a spin out in the mountains, just the two of us. [...]
  10. Mother?s Day Camp Touring at Mt. Fuji
    From Gaijin Bikers in Japan Since Yuri first got pregnant with Lin more than eight years ago, I’ve been dreaming of going on touring trips with the whole family on two bikes, and now we’re finally doing it! This is only the second time Yuri’s had anyone on the back of her bike, much less loaded up with camping gear, [...]
  11. Izu Touring 2010
    From Gaijin Bikers in Japan Another great ride, even though we faced a few more obstacles than usual. I got an email from Go the night before, saying that the security system on his Harley had drained his battery. He then charged it overnight and was able to join us for most of the ride, but that set the general [...]
  12. Welcome to OCC (Owen?s Customer Chopper) by The Stinger
    From Gaijin Bikers in Japan This post is actually not by Big Ben, but his mostly absent partner The Stinger. Unbeknownst to the biker community at large, I’ve been spending the past four months or so completely customizing my Harley. The result is what you see in the photo below. From Owen's Chopper Here’s a link to my Picassa web [...]
  13. Biker Blood III: Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen
    From Gaijin Bikers in Japan Now that Lin’s on her way to becoming a full-fledged biker, and Yuri’s back on the road, it’s time to complete the circle. Mai turned four last month, so she’s now almost as old as Lin was when she took her first ride around the neighborhood. When Yuri got her bike last month, I gave [...]
  14. 1200cc Birthday Present
    From Gaijin Bikers in Japan Yuri and I have been together for more than 15 years now, and some of our best early dates were on my bike. When we got married just over ten years ago, Yuri suddenly decided to get her own license, and we spent a few wonderful years on the road together, with Yuri on her [...]
  15. Brotherhood Meeting 2009
    From Gaijin Bikers in Japan
  16. Matsumoto Camp 2009
    From Gaijin Bikers in Japan ?????????
  17. Izu Touring 2009
    From Gaijin Bikers in Japan
  18. Biker Blood part II
    From Gaijin Bikers in Japan My little girl is becoming a biker even earlier than I expected. I’ve tried to expose my six-year-old daughter, Lin, to bikes and biker culture as much as possible, and have been taking her on rides on the back of my bike since she was four. We’ve been building up to this for a while, [...]
  19. Izu Touring 2008
    From Gaijin Bikers in Japan The muse isn’t moving me to write a real touring report, but we had another great ride, mostly along the same route as last year. This time, my old friend Kaze joined us from Osaka, and we got some great shots with his helmet cam despite the overcast. Unfortunately, the clouds mean that you can’t see [...]
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