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  1. Riding now: Ducati Monster S4R
    From Guzzi Breva Weblog Now that the summer has really hits these shores, the Norge has become too hot to ride: I'm just too well protected against any air stream, even when riding on fast country roads. I hate the idea of riding without...
  2. World's toughest riders - not me, not this time
    From Guzzi Breva Weblog Saddle Sore 1000 - one thousand miles in 24 hours. It's the beginner level of the iron butt rides (www.ironbutt.com) and I thought it's peanuts. Norge eats miles and I like riding, so I decided to ride the SS1000 and...
  3. New tires
    From Guzzi Breva Weblog 7500 km with the set of Metzeler Z6. It's not exactly bad, but not good either. I've read and heard people complaining that the middle section of the Z6 wears too suddenly, so that the parts of the rubber with...
  4. Easter ride to Camargues and Provence
    From Guzzi Breva Weblog These pictures are from our trip to Camargue and West-Provence (village is Cornillon-Confoux):
  5. Norge goes down
    From Guzzi Breva Weblog Have you ever wondered what happens to all that plastic fairing stuff when you drop the Norge? Well, I had to rode to west, all the way to Camargue to find out that Norge survives quite well. After an "interesting"...
  6. Mountains high
    From Guzzi Breva Weblog This short 1 min video is from last Sunday. The day was a bit windy but stunningly beautiful, even the temperature was almost perfect for riding. A lo-fi YouTube version should be visible as an embedded flash video down below....
  7. TechnoResearch VDSTS
    From Guzzi Breva Weblog Vehicle Diagnostic ScanTool Software (VDSTS) and interface cable from TechnoResearch finally arrived last week. So far I've had not much time to play with it, but it seems to be a tool well worth the money: in addition to normal...
  8. For a Few Rides More
    From Guzzi Breva Weblog I've always been a big fan of Sergio Leone, so here you go: a totally different motorcycle movie, 2 min 30 secs:
  9. Ground clearance - in action
    From Guzzi Breva Weblog Disclaimer: I made these videos just to see how much the centre stand really limits the left hand leaning angle - so, I'm riding here like a wooden block, not moving my body and not trying to go as fast...
  10. Ground clearance
    From Guzzi Breva Weblog Limited ground clearance. This a regular phrase in almost every Norge test report I've seen and it's quite a common complaint for Breva 1100, too. They share the same frame and suspension, but Norge is 15 kg heavier, which may...
  11. 1200 vs. 1100 revisited
    From Guzzi Breva Weblog Both 1100 and 1200 engines on the same chart:
  12. Life's Pretty Straight without Motorcycling, part II
    From Guzzi Breva Weblog This one is with a Moto Guzzi soundtrack ...
  13. Cold weather with Norge
    From Guzzi Breva Weblog It's been uncomfortably cold over here for couple of days now, but luckily today the sky was clear and the sun was as bright as it ever can be. So, not surprisingly, I went for a late afternoon ride to...
  14. Life's Pretty Straight without Motorcycling
    From Guzzi Breva Weblog 6 minutes:
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