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  1. Motorcycles & ATVs for kids outlawed
    From nooksack Ok, now this is unbelievable: A new federal law aimed at protecting children from lead in toys has also forced a nationwide halt in sales of off-road motorcycles and recreational vehicles built for young riders, killing off a multimillion-dollar industry...
  2. 25th
    From nooksack Many of the folks from the original Macintosh team had a gathering a few days ago to celebrate the Macintosh's 25th anniversary. Guy Kawasaki posted the pics and writeup here. Congratulations guys. I consider the Macintosh an astounding achievement for...
  3. Ugh
    From nooksack Wow, I've really been slacking on here. I'm not sure if anybody is reading anymore, but I'll try to do better this year.
  4. Blue Jeans vs. Monster
    From nooksack If you're in the mood for a good stickin'-it-to-the-man story, check out this letter from Kurt Denke, the proprietor of Blue Jeans Cable, in reply to a cease and desist his company received from Monster, Inc. alleging intellectual property infringement....
  5. Didn't see this coming
    From nooksack Microsoft is acquiring Danger. Imagine my surprise. Now we wait for the next shoe to drop: the financial terms of the deal. I don't expect much, but if I see a buck a share after all is said and done,...
  6. Greenwich via the Thames
    From nooksack Some photos of our trip down the Thames to Greenwich and back.
  7. More London
    From nooksack The documentation continues with shots of our outing to Westminster proper. Almost forgot, here's some photos from our visit to Highgate Cemetery too.
  8. London
    From nooksack We have arrived, and so in keeping with the custom of our people, a smattering of photographic evidence has been submitted for your approval.
  9. Stormy Weather
    From nooksack The storm that has rolled in over the last day or so is living up to the hype. It has already knocked out our power. The hiptop is now my internet lifeline. If the power is out for an extended...
  10. Awareness
    From nooksack I just had one of those lucid moments of awareness, or maybe I became aware of a moment of lucidity. I suddenly became aware of my life, and all the things in it, and how remarkable it all is. I...
  11. V-Strom Resurrection
    From nooksack Last Sunday was the day of the great resurrection of the V-Strom. It had been steadily collecting dust for several months while I rode the Aprilia. It wasn't entirely the allure of the Italian that relegated the Strom to its...
  12. The Film Crew
    From nooksack MST3K lives, sort of. I was just thinking how much I miss these guys as I was watching a bit of MST3K: The Movie, the other day. Now Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy are once again riffing on...
  13. Home again
    From nooksack Got a new MacBook Pro on Saturday. It was just about time, ya know? I haven't been using a Mac regularly since 1996ish. It feels a bit like coming home again, except that someone completely redecorated the place, and things...
  14. The Prestige
    From nooksack I missed it in theaters, so I only just watched The Prestige on DVD. Wow, it did have me guessing most of the way through. I definitely need to see it again to pick up all the cues I missed....
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