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  1. Is Erik Buell?s New Motorcycle A Hybrid?
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane #EricBuell #Hybrid #Motorcycle - A lot has been written recently about Erik Buell's new sports motorcycle. Several teasers, hints here and there, but so far no details have been published. But a quick look at recently filed patents will show that Erik Buell filed a patent for a hybrid motorcycle (and scooter). Maybe it's nothing, but the patent was filed January 2012. You will see that the patent calls for an electric motor producing in excess of 200 horsepower, possibly even 400 hp! Engine displacement can be anything from 100 to
  2. Gibraltar Way Of Cooling Down On A Scooter
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane #Cooling #Scooter #Funny - You think this works? Funny though... ...
  3. Top Internet Stories - 9 August 2013
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane While in the road for a week, with little or no internet access at times, I did manage to read some interesting or funny motorcycle related articles which I want to share with you. Here is a week's worth of articles. - Filming With Your Gopro? Here Are A Few Tips For e-Scooter Riders (Beijing Electric Bike Tours) - How To Avoid Back Pains On Your Motorcycle Ride (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum) - Uk One Five Admits Drug Driving (TISPOL) ...
  4. Video: Bajaj Caliber - Romantic TV Commercial
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane #Bajaj #Commercial #India #Romantic - This TV commercial from Bajaj is old, but still very good (as are most of their advertisements). It is the story of a young man, riding around the country on his Bajaj Caliber motorcycle looking for his long lost sweetheart. All he has is an old photograph of her, and he is looking for her while bearing a gift. And finally, after looking over the whole country, he does meet her, but it does not go as planned. So far, Bajaj have rarely disappointed me
  5. Heading To My Office - Dog Is Manning The Desk
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane If everything has gone as planned, I should be on the road for the last part of my journey home. I should be arriving in a few hours, and hopefully my dogs will not have messed up the office too much... ...
  6. India: Triumph Motorcycles Finally Ready To Hit The Market
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane #Triumph #India - It has taken the English Triumph Motorcycles longer than expected to enter the lucrative market of India, one year delay. According to Triumph, they will begin operating in India in November this year. After a false start, dumping the proposed assembly plant in Bengaluru, they now plan to assemble the British made motorcycles in Haryana. To run the Indian operation, Triumph have hired away the former General Manager Sales of Bajaj and made him Managing Director. ...
  7. Darwin Award Nominee #82763: Self Filming Speeding Motorcycle 271 kph
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane #Darwin #Speeding #Motorcycles - Some people really do not deserve to be called "human", and some have a room temperature I.Q. A French biker was stopped by the local Gendarmes after he was spotted riding his motorcycle in excess of 250 kph. The cops were drawn to his bike because of the extreme high noise it was making, since it was riding in full revs. The cops stopped him and while inspecting his Suzuki bike, discovered a camera mounted on his handlebar. After watching the homemade video, they discovered that
  8. Motorcycles and The Eiffel Tower - Chinese Version
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane #Eiffel #China - Here we see two photos of motorcycles riding past the Chinese Eiffel Tower. .... Wait.. What? Chinese Eiffel Tower??? So we got the original in Paris, a second big copy in Las Vegas, and now one in China.... ...
  9. Europe: Cross-Border Fines - The Scoop
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane #Fines #Europe #Data - We mentioned last week that Spain and France have signed a bilateral agreement to exchange vehicle data in case of speeding and other fines. What this means, if you get caught by an automatic radar speeding on your motorcycle in one country, you will get the fine sent to you in your home country, since now the authorities have your details in their computers. But the agreement is not only between Spain and France. In fact, the European Union have made it a law that
  10. Video: Latvian Motorcycle PSA - Making Scooters Even Smaller
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane #PSA #Safety #Scooters #Latvia - Here is a video of a group of people trying to get a message across that scooters are small and difficult to see, so please watch out for them. The way they do it, is by placing a toy scooter on the ground of a gas station, and placing some text around them. People who walk past and almost hit the toy will see the text and "learn the lesson". Folks who do not see the toy and crush it, do not see what has
  11. How To Handle A Heat Wave As A Motorcycle Rider
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane #Funny #Heat #Water - When it gets hot, even riding your motorcycle will not cool you down. So there is only one thing you can do, and that is hit the water. ...
  12. Idea: Cut Down CO2 Emissions On Your Motorcycle Without Going Electric
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane #Ecology #CO2ube #Pollution - I think most people will agree at this stage that global warming and pollution go hand in hand. There are more and more cars and motorcycles on the road, generating an increasingly and alarming level of CO2. Even if you do not believe that CO2 is causing global warming, or do not believe in global warming altogether, the fact remains that CO2 is bad. It is bad for your health - full stop. One way to reduce your carbon footprint is to go green; get a
  13. Gone On A Plum Assignment - Taking My Baby With Me
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane #Funny #Parenting #Fail - I have received over the weekend a nice plum assignment from one of the magazines I work for. It is pretty last minute stuff, so I did not have the time to prepare many articles for your amusement, and the return date is a bit up-in-the-air as well. I hope to be back by next weekend, so normal regular articles will appear by then. In the mean time, I have not forgotten you, and you will receive some amusing and/or informative motorcycle articles during the week.
  14. Top Internet Stories - 2 August 2013
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane We are now in the real last month of summer, and after that it is downhill. But great motorcycle related stories do not stop. Here are a few I have been reading over the last week. - Motorcycle futurism: space age dreams come to life on two wheels (The Verge) - Help How Do I Pack For Sturgis (Biker Chick News) - What Exactly Is Horsepower, Anyway (Jalopnik) - Camping On A Motorcycle And The Dangers Of Fires (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum) ...
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