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  1. New adventure: juice fasting
    From Motorcycle diary of Joy Dutta Being a typical food loving bengali guy, it is hard for me to believe I actually started juice fasting. This was not planned from before, but I think several factors made it happen. Priti was going out of town for a hike Friday. The night before I was on facebook, about to go to sleep […]
  2. The greatest ponzi scheme
    From Motorcycle diary of Joy Dutta The greatest ponzi scheme on earth is the delusional idea that to support the people already here we need a never-ending population growth. Here is a good article about it: http://sustainablog.org/2013/03/population-growth-costs/ If you open this pdf there is a succinct statement “There is no greater favour we could do to ourselves, future generations, and all life on […]
  3. Videoshoot for Vuemix
    From Motorcycle diary of Joy Dutta   Thanks to my friend Sarvesh, I had the opportunity to do a videoshoot for the iPad app their startup has built. Armed with a D7000, 50mm/1.4 and a tripod we got to work. It took a few iterations and setups before it started to look halfway decent. The primary problem shooting a glossy screen […]
  4. Return of manufacturing in the US
    From Motorcycle diary of Joy Dutta On my way to work, a news article from my twitter feed brightened up my day. Apparently GE is bringing back appliance manufacturing back to the states. They even set up assembly lines to make some of the key parts. http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/print/2012/12/the-insourcing-boom/309166/ Now, this is good news. To me, it never actually made sense to outsource […]
  5. Man Swarm
    From Motorcycle diary of Joy Dutta I just ordered this book from Amazon: Man Swarm and the Killing of Wildlife. Can’t wait to read. Found this book while surfing the web. The reviews on Amazon resonated loudly with my world view of 33 years of existence. I realized how much pride I take in not my life’s trivial achievements, but my […]
  6. End of 2011 and film photography
    From Motorcycle diary of Joy Dutta The sunset at the Limantour beach (near Point Reyes) could not be more beautiful. Gorgeous colors and not too chilly winds. I pulled out my Mamiya RB67 loaded with E100VS color slide film. I had already finished 2 rolls earlier in the afternoon, doing some studies of the classic pacific coastline. The light was getting […]
  7. Migrating from flickr to picasaweb
    From Motorcycle diary of Joy Dutta In 2006 I migrated my pbase albums to flickr. Why? Because flickr was the coolest looking thing back then. Some of the things that made me do the painful manual switch: - Photostream: a new concept unlike the rigid directory-like album structure in pbase. - Square thumbnails and the ability to put same image into […]
  8. Trip to Twisp, WA ? 8 days and 2600 miles
    From Motorcycle diary of Joy Dutta It has been over 2 years since we did a long motorcycle trip. Both of us missed the open road for a while. When Jim, our friend with an amazingly inspirational life mentioned he was enjoying living in a small town in Washington, our trip was set. Turned out Jim was spot on about Twisp. […]
  9. Priti got her Hang-1
    From Motorcycle diary of Joy Dutta We both had been waiting for the day we could call ourselves a hang glider pilot couple. The moment arrived last Sunday after Priti’s training lessons. I didn’t fly that day due to still recovering from fever, but it turned out a good decision. I could assist her pushing the glider back up the hill, [...]
  10. My crazy commute
    From Motorcycle diary of Joy Dutta Working at a startup in SF and living in south bay isn’t exactly a good combination for the daily commute. Caltrain is a lifesaver, but connecting home and office to the train station is where the majority of pain is. Earlier this year, Priti was dropping me off at Sunnyvale caltrain station at 8am and […]
  11. Thanks, but no thanks
    From Motorcycle diary of Joy Dutta Very recently I had long conversations with my sister and an old college buddy on my most favorite topic – being childfree by choice. Needless to say, I had to play defense all along. I just seem to enjoy it, since I have everything to gain and nothing to lose in our choice. It just [...]
  12. I am a Pilot
    From Motorcycle diary of Joy Dutta Happy to report that from today I can call myself a certified pilot. A hang glider pilot for that matter. Shortly after my last hill flight last Friday, Dave, my instructor congratulated me saying I did it. It sounded like the sweetest word in the world. I had been waiting for a while to hear [...]
  13. First hang glider ownership
    From Motorcycle diary of Joy Dutta I bought my first glider. My very own aircraft. An used Wills Wing Falcon 1 195 for $1800. Unbelievable. So far hang gliding has been like a dream, a wonderful addiction. I can’t imagine how it would feel to go progressively higher on the sky. One more lesson and I should have my beginner (H1) [...]
  14. Hang gliding ? tandem
    From Motorcycle diary of Joy Dutta The tandem flight at over 1000′ last weekend blew our minds. More details in: http://therider.posterous.com/tandem-hang-gliding-at-over-1000
  15. Hang gliding ? lesson 4
    From Motorcycle diary of Joy Dutta We had a blast last weekend hang gliding after a few months of bad weather. More details in my posterous blog: http://therider.posterous.com/hang-gliding-lesson-4
  16. Facebook ? the black hole of time
    From Motorcycle diary of Joy Dutta December 2010 brought a welcome change to my life when I got rid of the TV. The outcome was so good I had to make another big change last Sunday. I deactivated my facebook account. Yeah, that’s right. No more facebook, aka I don’t exist anymore. I had fun while it lasted. Social networks are [...]
  17. The Android experience
    From Motorcycle diary of Joy Dutta We finally went for the droid. Both our 2g and 3g iPhones became unusably slow over the years of iOS updates, so I figured we could try something different from the app-happy world. Heard that Sprint still has decent customer service. They basically ride over Verizon’s airwaves where their own coverage is spotty. Sounded like [...]
  18. The importance of safety in everyday things
    From Motorcycle diary of Joy Dutta There is a reason I love building physical objects with wood. It shares many basic engineering principles of building good software. For example, planning to group similar tasks to enable as much batch processing as possible. There is the 80/20 rule as well. You can document the dimensions and cut lists for repeat builds. Even [...]
  19. Yahoo layoff ? boon in disguise
    From Motorcycle diary of Joy Dutta Reporting back after 3 weeks at my new job and doing a bit of retrospection. The December 2010 layoffs seem to be a distant past now, but the timing could not be any better. Given the industry standard of 2 days to accept or reject an offer, I could very well miss the chance to [...]
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