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  1. The Cost Of Getting Gas For Your Motorcycle
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane As you are probably well aware, gas prices are at nearly an all-time high with no signs of relief coming any time soon. In fact, the cost of gas has shot up significantly for about the past five years, and the current average cost per gallon is over 3.50. Of course, if you are a [...]
  2. The Benefits Of Wearing The Right Apparel While Riding
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane There are simply some hobbies that truly have a devoted and loyal following; and one such hobby is motorcycling. True motorcycle enthusiasts are those that get out on the open road every chance they get and always prefer to thrill of a bike to a car. You can make your rising a better and safer [...]
  3. How To Ride A Motorcycle Properly At Night
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Riding a motorcycle at night can be particularly dangerous, and many riders avoid the risk as much as possible. At night visibility is reduced and the chance for mishaps with other drivers is enhanced. That’s why precautions must be taken to give riders the optimum level of safety. Before riding at night, it’s important to [...]
  4. The Various Brands Of Motorcycle Apparel
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane A dedicated motorcycle aficionado takes satisfaction in epitomizing his or her favorite brand, whether on or off the bike. Its cool to sport your individual motorcycle style and colors by fitting yourself in the chicest motorcycle clothing, and revealing your distinct brand logos and markings. There are great motorcycle apparel websites, and brick ‘n’ mortar [...]
  5. How To signal A Turn While Riding A Motorcycle
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane
  6. How To signal A Turn While Riding A Motorcycle
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane When you want to make a turn while driving your car, letting others know is quite simple. You just flick your turning signal either up or down, depending on whether you would like to go left or right. Letting people know about your upcoming turn when riding a motorcycle may not be quite as easy, [...]
  7. Where You Can Find The Lowest Priced Motorcycles
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Motorcycles are fun to ride, and cost less to buy and run than a car. Whether you’re looking for your first bike or you’re a motorcycle veteran, you want to make sure you’re getting the best price on a new or used bike. Second-hand bikes are cheaper than new ones and buying from a private [...]
  8. Best Fall Rides Near You
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane
  9. How To Protect Yourself From Wind Burn While Riding
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Have you ever wondered how to protect yourself from windburn while riding? Windburn is often considered to be a fact of life for those who rule the roads. However, by taking some very easy precautions, you can protect yourself from the harsh side effects associated with windburn. First we must look at the cause of [...]
  10. Why Motorcyclists Wear Leather When Riding
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Wearing leather is more than just a lifestyle for motorcycle riders, it’s a very important part of their safety equipment. In the event of an accident, the only thing between a rider and the road is what they are wearing. Just as a helmet protects the head, leather outerwear protects the other parts of the [...]
  11. How To Find The Best Riding Leather For Men
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane There are many options when it comes to finding the best riding leather for men. You can, of course, head to a store that features motorcycle apparel. You will be paying for brand new leather, likely top of the line as well. Other options are swap meets or flea markets. Almost every flea market around [...]
  12. Thinking of Buying a Bike?
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane There are a lot of cool images of motorcycles on satellite tv but if you own one you know it’s not all James Dean and leather jackets. Having a bike is a lot of work and you’ll encounter some hassles you didn’t think of before so if you haven’t bought yet, let us enlighten youBugs [...]
  13. The Differnce Between Newer Motorcycles And Older Models
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane So you’ve decided to buy a motorcycle? The next question is should you buy a new bike or a used one? Buying a motorcycle is not the same as buying a car or truck. The first thing you need to understand is that motorcycles have shorter service lives. A motorcycles’ life may be as little [...]
  14. The Most Popular Motorcycle Brands Today
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane There are many brands of motorcycles that are popular and is dependent upon the style that the rider prefers. The different styles are classified as cruiser, sport, standard and touring. The most popular brands for cruiser are Harley Davidson and Suzuki. Harley Davidson motorcycles are known for there loud exhaust, large amount of chrome and [...]
  15. The Top Ten Best Rated Motorcycles
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane Motorcycles are seen everywhere just like cars are now adays. So, just like cars, there are a top ten. These include: Honda Cub, Ducati 916, Honda CB 750, Y2K, Triumph Bonneville T100, Britten V1000, Brough Superior SS 8, Vespa, Moto Guzzi V8, and Harley Davidson Knuckelhead. These are the top ten motor bikes and it [...]
  16. Safety Gear Everyone Needs Before Riding A Motorcycle
    From Bikes in the Fast Lane There is safety gear everyone needs before riding a motorcycle in order to maintain safe condition in any kind of emergency. First you need knowledge. You need to know how to ride a bike, how it is going to react under certain weather conditions and what to do in an emergency. You must beware if [...]
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