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  1. Happy Memorial Day
    From Biker Betty Thank You to the Men and Womenwho are serving,who have served,our United States Armed Forces.We are in debt to you.Many Have Served for Us,Many Have Died for Us,So that We "All" May Remain Free...Remember Them All.Thank YouNote: All photos have been taken by me, Biker Betty. Please don't copy without my permission. Thanks :)
  2. Spring Riding Season Starts
    From Biker Betty Whew, I've passed my two college courses this last semester with "A's" and I'm already enrolled for the fall with two more computer classes that I can't wait to start. Four classes down (all A's so far) and a cazillion to go, lol. In the fall I will be taking "Complete Web Authoring: HTML" on campus. I'm hoping to learn new tricks to use with this web page. I will also be taking "Intro to Operating Systems" as an on-line class. Both classes should be very interesting.The Mountain Shadow Riders
  3. All Work and No Play...
    From Biker Betty glitter-graphics.comLeads to a neglected blog glitter-graphics.com I have been suddenly busy with more homework than usual, which leads to neglected things to do around the house. Any spare time I get, I rest!! This last week I had a big project for my Interpersonal Relations college class. I'm enjoying college, but then I think how long it's going to take me just to get the associates I want and wonder "What am I doing?" With my full-time job I can only take about two classes a
  4. Photo Hunt - Bridge(s)
    From Biker Betty Theme: Bridge(s) ** Become a Photo Hunter This is the highest bridge on the Colorado State Highway System. It crosses Areque Gulch. It is just outside Victor, Colorado on Highway 67 and was built in 2000-2001. It is 250 Feet tall at its highest point. You are not allowed to park on the bridge. Only on either end and walk out to take your photos of the view. Here we are parked at one end to get our photos.Here is a view from the middle of the bridge
  5. Congratulations Pittsburgh Steelers!!!
    From Biker Betty Super Bowl XLIIIFinal ScorePittsburgh Steelers 27Arizona Cardinals 23glitter-graphics.comThis was an awesome Super Bowl to watch and congratulations to the Steelers for a hard fought game. It was very close to the end. It looked like the Cardinals were going to win in the fourth quarter. The Steelers Santonio Holmes pulled off an incredible touch down at the very end to win the game. He did an excellent job at the edge of the touchdown zone and held it.The Pittsburgh Steelers are the first franchise to win 6 Super Bowls!!!
  6. Photo Hunt - Furry
    From Biker Betty Theme: Furry ** Become a Photo Hunter I'm a little late posting for this Saturday's photo hunt. Too many things came up earlier today. When I saw that today's theme is "Furry" I knew exactly what I would choose. It's not an original idea using a dog, but Herbie himself is anything but original, lol.Herbie gets second looks when people see him and usually a few laughs. He's so cute and we love him. He's a cross between a gold lab and a basset hound. He's got the lab
  7. On The Road Again
    From Biker Betty I was very excited today, as I got to ride my motorcycle for the first time this year and since early October. I had to go into work for a couple of hours today on my day off. I've been off for the last two weeks since school is out. Into the first week our Christmas break the school library got flooded and it looks like over 300 books got water damaged (and that's another story, sigh).I planned last night I was going to ride today, as the weather prediction
  8. Photo Hunt - Chipped
    From Biker Betty Theme: Chipped ** Become a Photo Hunter It's another Saturday's Photo Hunt and the theme is "chipped." I love taking photos and this is just a lot of fun. The only requirement is that you use only the photos you take. No copying others or using photos from some webite. Besides, using your own is more challenging. Sometimes I go out looking for something new to use and sometimes I use past photos, like this time. That is okay. So go on over to tnchick and join the fun.It doesn't
  9. Squeeze in One Last Day?
    From Biker Betty I was able to ride to work one more day this week, yeah!!! Today it started off at actually 39 degrees!! It was a virtual heat wave by golly. Unbelievably though, was that the last two mornings at 33 and 34 degrees felt warmer than this morning. There was a slight breeze this morning and maybe that contributed to it. Maybe there was moisture in the air? I just don't know.I don't have too far to ride to work. It usually takes about 15 minutes. So these cold temps don't
  10. It's Electrifying
    From Biker Betty I was actually able to ride to work yesterday and today. It started off cold, but by the time I got off work it wasn't bad at all.Yesterday I knew it was going to be nice in the afternoon, so I just planned on riding. When I got up at O'Dark thirty I checked the temperature outside and saw that it was 35 degree F. I think to myself, "Okay, it's a little cold but who cares. It's going to be nice later." I get ready for work and just
  11. Saturday Photo Hunt - Aftermath
    From Biker Betty Photo Hunt - AftermathTheme: Aftermath ** Become a Photo Hunter The above and below photos are the "aftermath" of our school library having flooded from a busted water pipe the weekend of December 20/21. The above photo shows them replacing part of the carpet where the wood under it had buckled. In this last Monday's post I had reported that we had 370 books damaged and that I wasn't finished going through all the books yet. Looks like we are now done and 596 books were damaged when the water
  12. Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's back to ...
    From Biker Betty ... work I go. I knew ahead of time that today, my first day back from my school winter break, I had plenty of work to do. Sometime during the first weekend of the winter break a pipe broke and flooded part of our school library. I went in twice during the break to help assess the damage. Originally, word had come down that water had come right down on my desk, but luckily that wasn't the case. On my way to work, at O'Dark Thirty, I stopped at a
  13. Give Me My Kidney Back!?!
    From Biker Betty I just heard of this unbelievable story a little bit ago on CNN. I just have to tell you about this. Not sure if you had heard about it, but what a circus it is turning into. Get a load of this... Seems Richard Batista, a doctor in Long Island, is suing his estranged wife for his kidney back or $1.5 million for damages and compensation.Here's the brief low down:His wife, Dawnell had two failed kidney transplants earlier. He donated his kidney to her in 2001, in hopes that that
  14. PhotoHunt ~ Hope
    From Biker Betty Photo Hunt - "Hope"Theme: Hope ** Become a Photo HunterI haven't done the PhotoHunt in a while and I'm pretty excited to be participating this week. Yesterday I had mentioned in my post how I visited Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza and Steve Clark, General Manager, was very helpful in helping me locate the new 2009 Yamaha V-Star 950. The above is the basic model in Raven (black). Steve induldged me and took my picture sitting it. Thank you Steve. It fits just like my 2002 V-Star 650 Custom. This is
  15. Merry Christmas
    From Biker Betty Also Wishing You Bling Under the Christmas TreeI Hope this year was as great for you as it was for me. Even though I didn't get to post as much as I would have liked toward the last half of this year, I was busy out on my motorcycle. Sorry I didn't share the adventures with you, but I did have a lot of fun ;)This winter has been more fierce than past winters and I have hardly gotten my bike out, sigh. We have been getting
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