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  1. Day Three: Los Lunas, NM to Dalhart, TX
    From VROOM! I?d decided last night that when I left the hotel in the morning I?d jump on RT. 40E to make some time. Checked the oil, added about 1/4 quart, and headed out of the parking lot. Before I went the 100 ft. to the freeway, I changed my mind and headed north to Taos and the mountains!! Saw this bitchin? "Saints and Sinners" sign in Espanola and had to have a photo. While snapping the pic some helmet-less loudmouth screamed, ?IDIOT? at me as he drove by. At first I
  2. Day Two: Fountain Hills, AZ to Los Lunas, NM
    From VROOM! "YOU SEE AN ELK...OH, WHAT A THRILL...UNTIL YOU SEE IT SMASHED ON YOUR GRILL"Apparently there are many elk in the Apache National Forest, as indicated by this message spread across three different signs. What's it called when they do that? Anyway, I was thinking "smashed on grill"...elk burgers! Then I realized they meant the grill of your CAR.Rebeka handed me off to Lady Biker Lynn. We met Lynn's hubby, Pete, for breakfast, got a tour of their dream home in Payson, and then Lynn lead me through the beautiful Apache
  3. Day One: Los Angeles, CA to Fountain Hills, AZ
    From VROOM! Like the moron I am, I picked the hottest day of the year to ride across the desert. 110 degrees. My first stop was to get a date shake and visit my big buddy. They wouldn't let me take a photo of the [illegal?]lady making my shake so I took a photo of the Colon Cleaner instead.How many things can I stop and photograph and still cover any ground? I really should have snapped the smashed motorhome as they were winching it up onto a flat bed, on it's side,
  4. Day Eight: Huntington, WV to New Cumberland, WV
    From VROOM! I knew it was too good to be true, and I was right. I?d ridden across the country without seeing one stray dog or dead dog, and I thought I was home free. But there it was, a fluffy gold-colored handsome dog, hunkered down and shaking with fear in the grassy median on I64. I already have two dogs I found on the side of the road, and there?s no way I could get this one on the bike. My stomach turned sour, my whole trip would be ruined with
  5. Day Seven: Nashville, TN to Huntington, WV
    From VROOM! Before leaving Nashville I had to go pay homage to the Nun Bun at Bongo Java. I was slow to leave Nashville since it?s one of my favorite small cities.Back on the bike for the final leg of my journey, my thoughts now turned toward Bucky Bush and seeing old Guzzi friends. Too bad I didn?t have time to stay a night at the Wigwam Hotel. Ah well, that will be something for the next trip.Covered some miles on the slab and aimed my front wheel for Route 30 in
  6. Day Six: Nashville, TN
    From VROOM! This is my day off, whew. I was in Nashville about 12 years ago, and boy-howdy it sure has changed. The seedy downtown Broadway honky-tonk area has sadly fallen victim to the homogeny spreading throughout America like kudzu, although I did have lunch at Jack?s Barbecue, which seems to have remained the same. Gruhn Guitars is also mostly unchanged, as is Hatch Show Print. Buying a monoprint from master printmaker Jim Sherraden, manager of Hatch, was my reason for stopping in Nashville. You?ll not find his monoprints on the Hatch
  7. Day Five: Ozark, AR to Nashville, TN
    From VROOM! Blogging is a lot of work. Grr. However, last night I brown-bagged my cocktail and dinner by the pool and called it a day. Skipped the cellophane wrapped continental breakfast but did drink some coffee-colored water with powdered creamer, yummy. I let the morning pass a bit hoping that my ride would be free of critters and luckily only saw one deer trot across the road. Today I rode the Ozark Mountain?s Pig Tail, the winding road that leads up to the University of Arkansas, which was described to me
  8. Day Four: Dalhart, TX to Ozark, AR
    From VROOM! Never could get the internet hook-up in my room to work. That?s what I get for being attracted to funky little places instead of well known chain motels. Oh well. Left Dalhart in a socked-in fog and a heavy, wet mist with a visibility of about 100 feet. The north portion of the Texas panhandle seems to be home of fertilizer production, with corporations like Monsanto having a big presence and the air thick with a sickly chemical smell."Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain." Ain?t that the
  9. Final Day: Moto Guzzi National Rally, New Cumberland, WV
    From VROOM! After riding clear across the country and miraculously not hitting one lick of rain, today it was pouring. Figures. Those of us who've been coming to this rally over the years can count on one hand the times it DIDN'T rain, and of course we huddled together in our rain suits and talked about just that. ?Hey remember the year it was so stinking hot?? ?What about the year of the flood?? Guzzi riders are a hardcore bunch; standing around in mud up to our valve stems with rain drizzling
  10. Review System: Gear Wrap-Up
    From VROOM! 2004 Moto Guzzi Breva V750 IEThe Breva V750 is a terrific all-round bike. For my taste, it meets all the requirements of a fun ride: it's exotic and Italian, it's a v-twin, it's light and nimble, has a comfortable seating position for touring and comes with optional hard bags and touring windscreen. It's sporty enough for peg-scraping, handles well on all road surfaces--including dirt--and can run all day long in top gear with the optimistic speedo reading 100 mph. All the while consistently getting upward of 50 mpg. One of
  11. Aren't You Ready Yet?
    From VROOM! Ok, things are rapidly moving along at a snail's pace as I struggle to get all my tech learning done before I leave. Here I am still in my PJs reading the digital camera booklet, I've never used the timer feature before, so what's the problem? Then I had to set up this blog , it took me all morning and some advice from my friend Erica. Additionally I still have to go pick up my new G Line Suit from Fairchild Sports and the Breva. I have no
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