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  1. Auxiliary lighting for the R1200GS: Hella FF50 Fog Light Installation
    From WhyBike Motorcycle Blog I wanted to add extra lighting to the 1200GS. I have a headlight modulator for the day but I needed some extra lighting for night. That is why I chose fog lights. I can run them at night as long as the focused part of the beam does not shine ...
  2. In love with heated vests
    From WhyBike Motorcycle Blog The funky weather pattern that has been giving most of the US a mild winter has kept the rain away from the Bay Area. This means there is less latent moisture in the air which makes for colder nights and mornings. When I say cold, it is all relative. Being ...
  3. Clever motorcycle infographic
    From WhyBike Motorcycle Blog I found this clever infographic on the NHTSA's report from a couple years ago.
  4. Someone is in a hurry!
    From WhyBike Motorcycle Blog You tell me...how fast was he going?
  5. Extra Large Formosa Cover Review
    From WhyBike Motorcycle Blog I have always had a fit problem with motorcycle covers. My Givi topcase is the problem. The "universal" cover that fit my V-Star does not fit my Kawasaki, it barely fits over the tail and leaves my whole tire exposed. Formosa Covers recently offered me a cover to try out ...
  6. Fixing potholes
    From WhyBike Motorcycle Blog I have a couple potholes on my street. One is particularly bad, a deep, wide gravel hole right in the path of travel when I turn onto my street. The gravel from the hole is spread around the hole making it a sour note on the end of my usually ...
  7. Kawasaki Versys finally in California
    From WhyBike Motorcycle Blog I was picking up some parts for securing my ignition, parts that only the dealer in Hayward, CA carries. As I was there I was exiting a weird looking bike caught my eye. They had a Blue 2009 Kawasaki Versys on the floor. I have been looking at the bike ...
  8. Working skycar prototype powered by Yamaha motorcycle engine
    From WhyBike Motorcycle Blog Not since I saw Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang have I been this excited about a flying car. A british inventor has cobbled together a dune buggy and a paraglider propelled by a fan powered by a Yamaha R1 engine. The car will travel form London to Timbuktu all under its own power. ...
  9. Death Valley on a Motorcycle
    From WhyBike Motorcycle Blog Before Bikefest in Vegas, I decided I would ride my Kawasaki through Death Valley on the way down. From Oakland, CA I took 580 out to the Central Valley, then 108 over Sonora Pass and the Sierras. 395 then hugged the eastern Sierras past Mono Lake and the east entrance ...
  10. DVD Review: Why They Ride
    From WhyBike Motorcycle Blog I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a copy of the DVD “Why They Ride”. The “They” refers to me and all motorcyclists, and why we ride. It documents two brothers’ journey from Indianapolis to Deals Gap, a mecca for bikers. Also known as the Tail of the ...
  11. Obama assassination planners give bikers a bad name
    From WhyBike Motorcycle Blog From College OTR: Four men were taken into custody yesterday after one man, Tharin Gartrell, was arrested in Denver when police found two rifles, ammo, a rifle scope, a bullet-proof vest, walkie-talkies and meth in his car during a routine traffic stop. They knew it was serious because of the walkie-talkies-- ...
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