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  1. Riding Naked - 11,759.2 Miles
    From Motorcycling: Callaway, Virginia I picked up a winter project a few days ago, a naked, black 1982 Yamaha XZ550 Vision. This new to me bike will be a companion to my red fully fared 1982 Yamaha Vision. The two bikes look very good together, however... anyone who own a Vision knows that when two Yamaha Visions get together, the dreaded gremlins procreate and have nasty little offspring. The bike came from Rider's of Vision Forum Member Blue Bass (Phillip). I helped him a year or two ago in getting this very bike running.
  2. Lotto Bikes
    From Motorcycling: Callaway, Virginia Alright, I guess it's been a while since I posted, so I better get caught up.I participated in this years Ride To Work Day and all went well. It just so happened that on this year's Ride To Work Day (It's in July every year) I actually had to work. Other than seeing a couple of deer on the way into work, it was an uneventful day.I left for vacation, in a cage, to New York to visit family for the last week in July. We had a good time
  3. Pissed Off Gremlins
    From Motorcycling: Callaway, Virginia I will tell you that the Yamaha Vision Gremlins are a lot more vindictive than anything associated with Progressive Insurance. It was just one day last month that I went cheap on the bike and added one tank full of Regular 87 Octane Gasoline and that really pissed off those nasty gremlins. During just that one tank of gas, my bike over heated due to the thermo switch to the radiator fan fuse blowing and the engine not cooling properly (I've previously written about it) AND the front cylinder on
  4. Ride To Work Day 2007
    From Motorcycling: Callaway, Virginia Press Release: For Immediate ReleaseDate: 6/19/07Subject: Ride To Work Day 2007Motorcycle and Scooter Ride to Work Day is Wednesday, July 18, 2007This year's sixteenth annual motorcycle and scooter commuting demonstration will increase the number of riders on the road, according to Ride to Work, a non-profit advocacy organization. "Riding to work on this day shows the positive value of motorcycles and scooters for transportation. For many people, riding is an economical, efficient and socially responsible form of mobility that saves energy, helps the environment and provides a broad range of
  5. Hot, Hot, Hot.
    From Motorcycling: Callaway, Virginia Alright, I had a little problem with the Yamaha XZ550 Vision the other day. I went to the Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy Basic Law Enforcement Graduation last Thursday. While riding the bike in the Salem "High School is being let out" traffic, the bike over heated. Spewed antifreeze all over the exhaust and roadway.I made it back home with the bike running very hot. Outside temperature was a mere 94 Degrees Fahrenheit. I pulled the bike apart yesterday and found the fuse for the radiator fan was bad. Of course,
  6. Thanx Dear
    From Motorcycling: Callaway, Virginia My Wife Heather tagged me for a Meme. You don't have to know what that is, but the thing is, I had to post 8 random facts about myself on one of my blogs, that you probably don't care to read, then I tag someone else to do the same thing. I've tagged YOU! You HAVE to do it or else I'll haunt you the rest of your life. WHEN you do post your 8 random facts, leave a comment on my post here with the URL of YOUR blog
  7. New Videos - Franklin County
    From Motorcycling: Callaway, Virginia Is it raining today? If you can't get on your Yamaha Vision and ride today, sit back and enjoy these video rides:
  8. One Less '83 Vision Rear Shock
    From Motorcycling: Callaway, Virginia Well, quite a while ago, I bought a 1983 Rear Shock for the Vision from eBay. I was planning to eventually upgrade my 1982 Rear Shock to the '83 Shock. Today would have been that day, however...After several months, I finally pulled the shock out from it's hiding spot under the work bench. Yes, it was indeed a rear shock from a 1983 Yamaha Vision. This is the shock that every Vision owner claims a a great improvement over the rear shock from the previous year. Both rebound and damping
  9. It's That Season Again!
    From Motorcycling: Callaway, Virginia The weather is warmer, the oil in the motorcycle has been changed, the tires are in good condition, the carburetors have been freshly synchronized and every damn road in Franklin County is getting a fresh new coating of GRAVEL! Just a few weeks ago, I complimented Franklin County for being pro-motorcycle in their tourism propaganda and now it's Spring Gravel Season. Why would the county promote motorcycling in the area and then promptly coat every road in existence with tar and gravel??? It doesn't make any sense! Lure the motorcyclists
  10. Links Updated
    From Motorcycling: Callaway, Virginia I've been riding back and forth to work quite a bit lately. The Auxiliary lights wired through the headlight switch works great! I took the left side cover off again and attempted to fix the small oil leak that I had. The surgery might have been a success, the oil leak has greatly diminished and may have stopped all together. Another couple hundred miles and I will see if it starts leaking again. This coming week looks like it will be excellent riding weather with a couple of days in
  11. More On Auxiliary Lights
    From Motorcycling: Callaway, Virginia Is seems that the place where I mounted the switch for the auxiliary lights on the Yamaha Vision was in such a place that I could not turn them off fast enough when faced with oncoming traffic, especially with gloved hands.I went and rewired the auxiliary lights through the High Beam switch and eliminated the separate switch all together. I studied the electrical schematic for the Yamaha Vision and found that the yellow wire running from the high beam switch on the left handle bar runs from the switch to
  12. Build Your Weekend
    From Motorcycling: Callaway, Virginia Kudos to the Franklin County Tourism Office, The Franklin County Chamber of Commerce and The Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce for promoting motorcycling on their summer Visitor's Guide and Vacation Planner, "Build Your Weekend".In the "Build Your Weekend" brochure from Franklin County, they write: "Outdoor Adventure at its best, is what you will find in Franklin County. You can enjoy everything from the scenic view of the Blue Ridge Parkway to the adrenaline rush of surging down rapids on the Blackwater River. Take in a relaxing afternoon on Smith
  13. Dark
    From Motorcycling: Callaway, Virginia I have been riding my Vision back and forth to work quite a bit since the weather has turned warmer. With my new job, I work 12 hour shifts, so I am either going to or coming from work in the dark. The auxillary lights I installed last year work great, except when I have to turn the lights off for oncoming traffic. The switch is hard to locate quickly in the dark. As I would rather ride the bike than work on something that already works, I need to
  14. 3rd Annual Memorial Bike Ride For CPL.Jonathan W. Bowling *** USMC ***
    From Motorcycling: Callaway, Virginia 3rd Annual Memorial Bike Ride For CPL.Jonathan W. Bowling *** USMC *** Jonathan Bowling was a Corporal in the USMC Who paid the ultimate price fighting for freedom in Iraq.He was also a fellow Firefighter with the Fairystone Vol.Fire Dept. and a Police Officer for the City Of Martinsville, as well as a fellow bike rider. Please show your support By Remembering Jonathan In This Ride Date:April 21st - Rain Date:April 22nd Location:Patrick County High School,Stuart Va. Registration starts at 10:00am-Departure at 1:00pm Cost $10.00 per bike - Vehicles same
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