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  1. From Motorcycling What is this about? A story can be about something -- it had better be -- but life isn't about anything. Life is life. But when life is a story things get confusing. This is a good kind of confusing. It is like Bull Run, where Glo and March and Nora and Marsh and I walked on Independence Day, while most of the Mafees and Smiths and Lairds 'did' DC, and the Richards and Riveras barbecued. Bull Run

  2. From Motorcycling Half-woman, half-manhole cover "See ya 'round!" "Got it covered, bro!" She ain't heavy -- she's my sister...

  3. From Motorcycling A new addicition I love LibraryThing! Thank you, justy. If you've always longed to catalog your personal library, now is the time. It is easy and fun!

  4. From Motorcycling 22272 I sit at my desk, and imagine taking the bike out. Tendrils of anxiety. It has stood in the driveway since November, un-winterized. I've ridden it twice in that time. It has gas, probably old and gunky by now. The oil level is good (I checked last week) but it looks sludgy. I have an appointment for a spring tuneup, but they were reserving four weeks out. That was two weeks ago. Tire

  5. From Motorcycling How Steven Pinker helped me understand what a listeme is, and why it's interesting In "How the Mind Works," his slightly outdated but still provocative work, Pinker is talking about how computing and information science have transformed psychology and neurology -- how today the study of the brain is suffused with the concepts of data, data fidelity, processing centers, data storage, latency,

  6. From Motorcycling Top Ten Times I Think "What The Heck Am I Doing?" 10. When I decide at 1:30 a.m. to watch a DVD, and when it is over and I can barely stand, I log onto ISC. 9. When I walk into the bathroom and realize there are five stacks of flashcards scattered about at various stages of study. 8. When I overdraw my checking account. 7. When I say 'yes' to someone asking a favor. 6. When I take up a new

  7. From Motorcycling The growed-up child I spent a delightful 24 hours with Alexis and Dave in Troy, catching up on the progress they have made on the house. After patiently living in relative squalor (but virtually rent free) for a year -- sagging floors, severely outdated kitchen, a porch and front steps that seem to want to gallop downhill to start a life of their own, a bathroom that should be impounded by the

  8. From Motorcycling Jury Service For about the fifth time in my life I was called to jury duty, and for the first time ever, sat and deliberated on a trial. It was an assault and battery case -- the defendant was charged by the Commonwealth with injuring the 3-yr-old boy he called his son, while babysitting for his girlfriend, the boy's mother, when she was at work. The events occurred last January (2005). The

  9. From Motorcycling Mural Progress The perimeter panels are complete! Unfortunately, I didn't have time this trip to document the 2001, Space Odyssey panel fully. Constellation Orion Pioneer Probe and SETI Plaque 2001, A Space Odyssey And the start of the first shelf section. In actuality, the leftmost of the three books is also painted. (Photos by Marsh.)

  10. From Motorcycling Of Cabbages and Kings I am off hunting snarks this week, in the wilds of, if not Manassas, then Centreville and Hanover. Finished up at work with a bang on Friday, completing a handful of Powerpoint illustrations and my annual self review, which was my best yet in this position, unless I am fooling myself. The Powerpoint stuff (yes, folks, you too can get a good job and earn big bucks

  11. From Motorcycling Catching Up Here are ten things you don't know about because I never update my blog. Thanksgiving turned out pretty well. It was a LOT of planning and preparation, but we had fancy feasts and country walks and late night puzzles and games in front of the fireplace, while our respective families were just themselves, which is how we like them. Though I signed up for NaNoWriMo, I must have missed

  12. From Motorcycling In Other News... ... I am signed up for National Novel Writing Month. It's not like I had anything else to do.

  13. From Motorcycling Engaged Sagan the kitten, and ring. Marsh and I hereby announce our engagement! We've put very little of our journey into this public eye. Becoming committed to each other, nurturing this relationship across the miles, has been a journey with pains and bumps and wonderful highs. This spring she moved into her own place; this summer we each met the other's parents at our respective childhood

  14. From Motorcycling Weather Report I have been working on a ceiling mural commission for almost a year, in Pennsylvania. It includes, as you might expect, a section of blue sky; some of this paint has gotten onto my painting clothes. This morning I mistakenly grabbed such a painting shirt to wear to work, but put on my autumn jacket and dashed out the door before I noticed. All day now I've been catching a glimpse

  15. From Motorcycling Writing I finished my first story. I've never written fiction before this year (unless you count forged gym notes), and I am scary-excited about how much I enjoy it. I have started notes for a next piece. The finished piece is nominally science fiction, but with far more character interest and development than I ever imagined I was capable of or had an interest in. The gee-whiz sci-fi stuff

  16. From Motorcycling Katrina Fiasco Evacuees on foot prevented from leaving the city. American citizen refugees lied to, abused, attacked, and scattered, by the very forces who should have been aiding them. http://nielsenhayden.com/makinglight/archives/006754.html#006754 I am, to put it mildly, upset.

  17. From Motorcycling Castles in the Air I know I am relaxed when... Photos by Emily Rivera. The castle I built to go with a vast system of moats and levees (yes, the levees failed repeatedly, accompanied by gleeful whoops) constructed by the clan of nieces and nephews at Marsh's lakeside vacation retreat in Maine. Don't you just expect to see Indiana Jones riding out of the tomb, pursued by ghouls?

  18. From Motorcycling Return to Oz In today's White House press briefing, Press Secretary Scott McClellan ad-libbed in response to a question: "There were certainly some people that are in need of assistance, and were in need of it quicker than they were getting it. And that's unacceptable to the President."Here we have a point of distinction, balanced on the fulcrum of the most sensitive question in Katrina's

  19. From Motorcycling Bipartite Vacation: Duos, Duets, and Duologues Lake Superior, from the Xanadu deck. Marsh treasure-hunting on one of our several walks around the harbor. Bipartite. Part one, the whirlwind introduction to my parents' friends and lives; part two, four extra days as honored housesitters in Xanadu, their spectacular lakeside home. It meant a lot to me to see such vitality and progress at both
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