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  1. Building the side cases
    From MotorCycle Alaska Online Journals Yesterday and today I spent making my aluminum panniers. I almost got done today but time turned against me and I am forced to finish tomorrow. I am pretty happy with them and they seem big enough to carry all my stuff. There is still a lot to do like valve adjusting, throttle sync, brake fluid flush, among others but it looks like things are finally looking in my favor. Here are some pics.080 aluminum All cut and bent All rivited together Now to finish up the lids
  2. More Preperation.....
    From MotorCycle Alaska Online Journals Today I finished the mounting system on my Panniers.  I used 4 hockey pucks some bolts and wing nuts to connect them to the frames.  Now I will powder coat them and they will be done!  I also put on a new front tire as the old Tourance had over 15,000 miles on it!  There is still a ton of stuff to do like fixing the broken fence in the background that the wind storm knocked over.... Thats low on the priority list though... To break the bead extend your side
  3. Our Route
    From MotorCycle Alaska Online Journals Here is our route.  Starting from Charlotte to Spokane to meet up with Keith.  Head up North on the Cassier Highway.  continue on the western side up through the Denali Highway and up the Dalton (Ice Road Truckers)  the return route will be to hit the Dempster Highway and down the Top of the World Highway and the Alaska Highway.  This is all subject to change depending on road reports, advice from other riders and natives to Alaska....and of course the "Hind End"
  4. Keith
    From MotorCycle Alaska Online Journals Keith and I went to High School together.   At our 20 year reunion last October I asked him if he was up for an adventure?  He immediately got a look in his eye and I knew I had sold him on the trip! I am meeting Keith near Spokane and we will head up together.Keith and I will BOTH be posting on this blog and it will be your job to distinguish who is writing.
  5. 10 more days.....
    From MotorCycle Alaska Online Journals Yesterday  I spent finishing up my boxes.  I bought a powder coater and decided to try that as opposed to painting.  We'll see how that holds up on the dirt roads????  It turned out pretty nice.Today I  did the valve adjustment which BMW recommends every 6,000 miles.  It actually runs a bit smoother!  I still need a Throttle Body Sync before I leave.  I want to do all I can to save gas.  Its pretty expensive up there. Today I also made some holders for my camp fuel that I
  6. 3 Days 8 Hours....
    From MotorCycle Alaska Online Journals As I am wrapping up my final "to do" lists, There is always one more thing that has to be added.  The big things are done so far.  I got my aux tank powder coated and mounted (4 gallons), the side cases are done, the bike has had most of the maintenance done except an oil change, which will happen tomorrow.  Sunday I ran over a nail on my new rear tire.  I don't want to start an 11,000 mile trip with a patched tire, so I will mount another
  7. Almost there
    From MotorCycle Alaska Online Journals One day away and I'm just about ready! I got my fuel tank plumbed into my main tank by installing a couple AN fittings to the access panel of my main tank, and one to the bottom of the aux tank. It was a one shot step...if it didn't work, then I would have a hole in my tank. It worked! The transfer is very slow, but I believe it's because the shut off valve I used is very small, and won't let the volume of
  8. One the road!
    From MotorCycle Alaska Online Journals I left an hour ago and things are going well. It took a while to pack this morning but I finally was on the road around 2. I will fill in more details when I find a place to camp tonight
  9. The Journey Begins
    From MotorCycle Alaska Online Journals As may countdown clock on my website reached the final seconds, I was still fast asleep recovering from two days in the sim for may biannual airplane recurrency. I arrived home just before midnight and decided that 6am was not gonna happen. Instead I got a good nights rest and finished up a few last minute adjustments and started packing. It's amazing thinking that just two years ago I started planning for this trip, put the count down clock on the website and had a hard time imagining
  10. Onward bound
    From MotorCycle Alaska Online Journals YouTube VideoLocation:Farmer Rd,Kingston,United States
  11. Charlotte to the Arctic
    From MotorCycle Alaska Online Journals 809 miles today, and I made it to st Joseph MO. It rained on and off all morningBut then it ended as fast as it camePretty countryside leaving Knoxville, and then it flattened out to the typical flat as far as you can see fields. Finally with the rain behind me, I sat back and listened to some Christian music on my iPhone. As I tooled along I got normal "what the heck" looks from passing cars, along with waves and thumbs up. It seems like the kids
  12. Keith - getting close
    From MotorCycle Alaska Online Journals John I'm glad to see you had a good trip yesterday. I bet yur bum was glad to be done!I've been trying out different ways to pack my bike - but I guess I'm going to have to leave the kitchen sink home and a few other things! It will be tight but I'll make it. Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day here. I partially loaded up my bike to see how it handled and went for a great ride up the Columbia Gorge. I started out too warm but
  13. Charlotte to the Arctic
    From MotorCycle Alaska Online Journals It was a dark and stormy night....the gusty wind blew me around like a cotton ball in a wind tunnel. Then it happened....But lets back up a little but first....this morning I packed up camp and pressed on for another 750 miles. Making coffee with my patented camp drip-masterThis is how I roll...The rain continued to come and go but the gear I have kept me as dry as a bone. The wind howled across the Prairie lands, gusting upwards of 35-40 miles per hour at times.

  14. From MotorCycle Alaska Online Journals Starting the last leg of the trip. Heading down the parkway out of VA for a while then 77 south to the house. I'll spend some time wrapping up the whole trip with figures once i get time. Bittersweet ending to a great trip!
  15. Back to the lower 48
    From MotorCycle Alaska Online Journals Wanted to leave early and get a bunch of miles in today. Unfortunately the pump I had with me stopped working while pumping up my tire. So I'm stuck at a rest area with mo pump. I had 4 co2 cartridges that would not seat the bead either....So I went to bed. At 5:30 I got up and saw that I had enough air in the tire to try to ride it to a gas station or walmart and get a pump. I found a
  16. Keith and I spitting ways
    From MotorCycle Alaska Online Journals Two days combined onto one...Keith and I left the hot springs around noon. We decided to take another dip before we left. That would require us to ride a little later but it was worth it. We headed down toward Muncho Lake which is a breath taking ride up some 3500 foot mountains. The view is spectacular from up the providing us with a hundred miles view in any direction. That was short lived when we descended and from then on it consisted of rolling countryside.We
  17. Finally on the road
    From MotorCycle Alaska Online Journals YouTube Video
  18. Liard Hotsprings
    From MotorCycle Alaska Online Journals Sitting here sipping coffee and a buffalo walks right by me down the road. Lol. Not used to seeing that Location:Breakfast
  19. Liard Hotsprings
    From MotorCycle Alaska Online Journals Rain + dirt + soft gravel + holes =But again...let's not jump aheadThis morning we planned on a good breakfast at Ross River. We packed up quickly and throttled out to eat, only 8 miles away. When we reached The town, we quickly realized that our dream of a hot cooked meal by someone other than ourselves was only a pipe dream. It was a third world looking village. Small dirty houses littered the acreage, the school was boarded up and we didn't really see anyone
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